Installation of Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative

The induction of ten new appointees to the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes (CSC/CA) occurred at the new building of CSC/CA. On hand for the swearing-in ceremony was President Martelly and Prime Minister Lamothe. Deputy Stevenson Thimoleon, President of the Lower Chamber of Parliament, and Me Anel Joseph, Judiciary Superior Council President, were also present, along with other high-profile government officials and civil service professionals.


The ten new judges sat solemn-faced during Martelly's induction speech as he talked about the grave responsibility their position brings with it. It is up to them, Martelly said, ". . . to ensure regularity, efficiency, and effectiveness of the use of public funds . . ." He referenced certain clauses of the Haiti Constitution that defines the Judges' role as arbiters of the lawful administration of the states' financial matters. It was the public's trust the Judges would be called upon to honor, Martelly emphasized, and they must always carry out their duties with ". . . vigilance and . . . willingness . . ." and to use the regulatory environment as their guide.

Martelly did not fail to recognize the dedication the Judges' predecessors had given in fulfilling the obligations as arbiters of justice within the bureaucracy of the government of Haiti (GOH). Martelly repeated the GOH puts its full weight behind the CSC/CA's auditing of the budgetary process, and activities pertaining to government contracts and local officials' proper appropriation of tax payer revenue.

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