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Jules Cantave rejects Danton Leger Nomination to the CSPJ

The President of the Court of Cassation and the Supreme Council of the judiciary (CSPJ), Mr. Jules Cantave, woke up in shock this morning to leearn the nominnation of Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger at the CSPJ without his knowledge. According to Mr. Leger, he learned the news just like you and me by way of the media.

As a result, Mr. Jules Cantave sent a press release to publicly reject the nomination of Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger to the CSPJ. He reminds the public the term of a CSPJ memeber is for 3 years and that the members can not be nominated to an other post.

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FLASH - Danton Leger appointed to the Superior Council of the Judiciary ( CSPJ)

According to a Presidential Decree dated May 27, 2016, the current Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince, Jean Danton Leger, has been appointed to the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ)

The CSPJ is a nine member Supreme Council of the Judiciary established in May, 2012 by former President Michel Martelly. The creation of the CSPJ was considered a historic moment in Haiti as many believed at the time it would mark a turning point in providing some independence of the Haitian justice from the executive government.

What do you think?

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Judge Max Elibert Reelected To The Superior Council Of The Judiciary (CSPJ)

On Tuesday, April 7, 2015, in the presence of the representatives of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ), the National Association of Haitians Magistrates (ANAMAH) of the Ministry of Justice and the Office of Citizen Protection (OPC), the country's appeal court has re-elected the acting judge Max Elibert as a representative of the entity, whose term had expired in the last year on July 3, 2014. He was re-elected by his colleagues with a strong support of 23 votes against his two other contenders, Mr. Durin Duret Junior, the President of the ANAMAH (6 votes), and Mr. Alténor Barthelemy (4 votes).

Mr. Elibert, while welcoming his victory, has expressed his belief that this victory has confirmed that the magistrates of the courts of appeal has understood his struggle and contribution in establishing a strong and independent judiciary in the country. However, he has mentioned the difficulties in the coordination and cooperation between the CSPJ and the Ministry of Justice before thanking the judges who has re-elected him.

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CSPJ finally designated Ms. Yolette Mengual, its representative

Provisional Electoral Council Seated but Senate Reluctant to Ratify Electoral Law

Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ) appointed Yolette Mengual as a representative to the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP). She will be replacing Marie Floreal Dulcervil. The facts surrounding Mengual's appointment are hazy. It was reported five votes were cast for her and four against. But it is said there was a tie vote, but no tie vote count given, and Me Joseph, Council President, was forced to cast the deciding vote.

A new Parliamentarian, Max Mathurin, was also appointed, along with Nehemy Joseph and Leopold Berlanger, making a total of four appointees to the CEP, which completes the seating. Next the Senate must ratify the electoral law, but more delays are expected, concerning the ratification process. Senate President, Simon Desras, has lost the respect of his party but insists ". . . they are ready to "consider" the amendment of the electoral law, once the Electoral Council is complete. This is code for we are going to stall the process. Legislative and local elections have been delayed for over two years and the excuse has been the seating of the CEP.

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Jacques Letang Appointed Bar Federation Representative to Judiciary Council

Haiti President Michel Martelly inducted Jacques Letang, President of the Bar of Coteaux, as the newly-appointed Representative of the Bars Federation of Haiti (FBH). He will provide legal counsel to the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ), in place of Nehemy Joseph, who recently resigned.

Letang, also Vice President of the Bar Federation of Haiti, has a double Masters of Law degree, issued by the Université Catholique of Lyon. After earning his advanced law degrees, he has held the office of Magistrate, recently becoming a partner in newly-established law firm, Avocats & Avocats LP, International Lawyers Group.

At the swearing-in ceremony, those in attendance included presidents of Parliament's upper and lower houses, Simon Dieuseul Desras, and Jean Tolbert Alexis; Minister of Justice, Jean Renel Sanon, and CSPJ President, Me Arnel Alexis Joseph.

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Anel Alexis Joseph Stands By CSPJ

Anel Alexis Joseph has landed on a position wherein he can better help improve Haiti's judicial system. He was inaugurated as one of the new members of the Superior of Judicial Powers (CSPJ) in a ceremony at the School of Magistrates. He teams up with eight other members comprising the new panel as the President of the Court of Cassation.

Anel Alexis Joseph believes that before the CSPJ's establishment, the power that the judicial, legislative, and executive branches hold is not balanced. He said that the Constitution was not receiving the respect it deserves, while the Executive was undermining the power of the judiciary. With the new panel, all these issues are expected to be addressed as its establishment will give way to the separation of power among the three branches.

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Superior Judicial Council headquarters (CSPJ), on the road of Freres

The Haitian government has been regarded as one of the most corrupt governments in the region by foreign observers due to the rampant malversation of funds by some government officials through the years. Despite the recent improvements in governance under democracy, there remains corrupted political figure in control, leaving their people in starvation while they spoil themselves in their people's hard-earned money.

In line with Haiti's problem on corruption and poor governance, the Haitian government with the much-appreciated participation of U.S. Ambassador to Haiti Pamela White inaugurated the headquarters of the Superior Judicial Council (CSPJ) on the road of Freres earlier this month. The CSPJ was formed back in July 2012 to make a change in the country's judicial system.

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Will we ever see the creation of a CEP under Michel Martelly

We have three members; we have now nine members. Wait a minute, we are back to three members. Should we create a Permanent, Temporary or a "Conjunctural" Electoral Council?

Members of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ) decided on Friday to resume the process of appointing their 3 members of the Judiciary, to serve on the Permanent Electoral Council (CEP). This is following the controvercy on the way in which they nominated their previous members. Many members of the Haitian society, including political parties, members of the legislative branch, and others strongly condemned the process. Some even asked for the resignation of the president of the CSPJ, , whom they feel was appointed illegally into his position.

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CSPJ just voted to break-up the CEP in Haiti

The Superior Council of Judicial Power (CSPJ) just voted to break up the Permanent Electoral Council created by that they just created. It was reported by Radio Vision 2000 that 5 members of the CSPJ voted to get ride of the Contested CEP.

A total of 6 members of the Permanent Electoral Council have already been appointed. Me Josué Pierre-Louis was appointed President of that new CEP.

As you may remember, the decision for the establishment of the Electoral Council was not supported by many members of the society. Paul Evans said that President Martelly is plunging the country into a crisis. Rosny Desroches called it a "serious error" the decision of the Executive to form the CEP without the representatives of Parliament .

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CSPJ Installs Max Elibert

The Superior Council of Judicial Power (CSPJ) in Haiti is now pinning its hopes on a new nine-member panel to enhance the judicial system in the country. Max Elibert is one of the nine officials comprising the panel. He, along with the other members, was inaugurated during a ceremony at the School of Magistrates. Elibert, who was elected by his peers, is the judge at the Court of Appeals of Les Cayes.

The CSPJ members, including Elibert, now carry the responsibility to recruit and sharpen the skills of new court employees. They also hold the authority to conduct investigations involving court employees if necessary.
Elibert joined forces with other officials such as Anel Alexis Joseph, who is the President of the Court of Cassation. The other members are Antoine Norgaisse, Thiers Malette, Gustave Pharaon, Jean Alix Civil, Jean Etienne Mercier, and Nehemie Joseph.

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