Superior Judicial Council headquarters (CSPJ), on the road of Freres

The Haitian government has been regarded as one of the most corrupt governments in the region by foreign observers due to the rampant malversation of funds by some government officials through the years. Despite the recent improvements in governance under democracy, there remains corrupted political figure in control, leaving their people in starvation while they spoil themselves in their people's hard-earned money.


In line with Haiti's problem on corruption and poor governance, the Haitian government with the much-appreciated participation of U.S. Ambassador to Haiti Pamela White inaugurated the headquarters of the Superior Judicial Council (CSPJ) on the road of Freres earlier this month. The CSPJ was formed back in July 2012 to make a change in the country's judicial system.

United States Ambassador White commended the Haitian government in a speech during the CSPJ headquarters inauguration for its commitment to establish an independent form of judiciary and the rule of law in order to ensure the country's security and stability. A functional judicial council, according to White, is an institution that does not succumb to the tolerance of any form of corruption and bribery.

The CSPJ was made possible by the Haitian government with the help of the U.S. government through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Aside from assisting in creating the foundation of the council and teaching the needed skills and systems needed in managing the institution, White added that the U.S. government will also be providing computers, furniture, and other needed office equipment. The Ambassador hopes that through the CSPJ, Haiti will be able to bring in more foreign investors to invest in the country in order to create more job opportunities and improve the generally poor conditions of many Haitians.

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