Haitian-American Daphné Campbell, Senator of District 38, lost her Seat

The only Haitian-American Senator in Florida, Daphné Campbell who has been Senator of District 38 (North-East of Miami-Dade) for 8 years, lost her seat during the elections held in Florida on August 28.


She lost to former Attorney Jason Pizzo, who won 54.2% of the votes.

Haitian-American Daphné Campbell, Senator of District 38, Lost Her Seat

On Tuesday, August 28, 2018, Haitian-American Daphné Campbell, a Democratic member of the Florida Senate District 38 of the North-East of Miami-Dade, lost her 8 year old seat to former Attorney Jason Pizzo. Pizzo is a wealthy former prosecutor, received 54.2% of the votes. Pizzo walked away easily with nearly a 9% victory margin. Northeast Miami-Dade district includes the largest Haitian population in the country which extends west from the Beach to the west of I-95, and includes cities like Aventura, Miami Beach, North Miami, and portions of the City of Miami. Pizzo spent more than a million dollars of his own money on his election campaign emphasizing public safety, climate change and a living wage for workers.

Campbell was born in Cap-Haïtien, a city in northern Haiti. She received her Bachelor degree from the SOD Nursing School in 1981. During her term in the Senate, Daphné spoke strongly in favour of pro-life legislation, supported gay rights, school prayer; she spoke against abortion that prompted fellow Democrat Scott Randolph to remark that he "hoped Campbell enjoyed her two years in the House." Campbell served as a Democratic member of the Florida Senate for the past two years after three terms as a state representative. She was first elected as a Florida representative in 2010.

On August 28, Campbell faced just one challenger: Jason Pizzo. The match between Campbell and Pizzo was a Democratic Party primary- both of them ran from the same party. Pizzo, a resident of Eastern Shores in North Miami Beach, also ran in the 2016 District 38 primary, and managed to finish second in a field that included former North Miami Mayor Kevin Burns and Miami Beach City Commissioner Michael Góngora.

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