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Will Evans Paul become the next De facto Prime Minister of Haiti?

Starting January 12, 2015, the Government of Michel Martelly has become de Facto. New we are being governed solely by the executive branch. No legislative, no judicial, the Martelly government is the only show in town.

On the other hand, the current Haitian Interim Prime Minister, Florence Duperval Guillaume, only has a few days left in this position. Under Haiti's constitution, she can only hold the interim position for up to 30 days before a permanent choice is approval by parliament.

At this point, Mr. Evans Paul must assume the position. There is no Haitian parliament able to ratify Mr. Paul as Prime Minister. He only has two options: reject the offer or accept to become a de facto Prime Minister.

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Raoul Cedras - the effective de facto leader of Haiti

Raoul Cedras was the de facto leader of Haiti for three years, from 1991 to 1994. He was born on July 9th, 1949 and got into the military in the US early in life. He was educated in the US and later joined the Leopard Corps which was trained by the US forces. Yanick Prosper was the spouse of Cedras.

Important CIA Agent

As the Lieutenant General of the Haitian army Raoul Cedras was chiefly responsible for ousting the president Jean Bertrand Aristide. He was a crucial CIA agent who reported on the president. He went on to become the Commander-in-Chief of the army.

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