Brignol Lindor Journalist Assassinated

Haiti under former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, despite being under a democratic form of government for the first time, was shrouded in chaos and violence. Aristide's term in office before being successfully ousted via a coup d'état in 2004 was met by most Haitian citizens with criticism and protest because of his supposed poor leadership and corruption, as well as his inclination to violence. The former president and Catholic priest's government has also been associated with several extrajudicial killings which elevated further the anger and disappointment of thousands and thousands of Haitians. The most popular of these is the brutal murder of well-known Haitian journalist Brignol Lindor.


On the 3rd of December, 2001, at 11 o'clock in the morning, a group of former President Aristide's supporters armed with machetes brutally hacked the life out of Brignol Lindor, the news director of a Haitian private radio station called Radio Echo 2000 in Petit-Goave. Before the murder, Lindor was in a car with a colleague of his who were eventually ambused by the armed men. The journalist's companion was able to escape while the journalist himself ended up dead while trying to seek refuge in the home of a town counsellor.

Lindor was known for his active involvement and voice in Haitian politics. Justice was never served and Lindor's funeral ended with violence as mourners shouting and carrying anti-Aristide statements were attacked by the police with clubs and tear gas. The journalist's assasination sparked outrage in the whole of Haiti, as well as in the international community.

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