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How to prevent Cholera in Haiti

Haiti's 2010 earthquake, which shook the country to its foundations, especially Port-au-Prince, displaced tens of thousands of Haitians. They were reduced to living in the streets, without adequate sanitation. Nine months later in October of 2010, a cholera epidemic began, and has continued afflicting the poorest segment of Haitians, many of whom remain living in tent cities.

The Ministry of Public Sanitation and the Population has recorded 581,952 cases of cholera as of July 2012, with a 7,455 death tally since October 2010. A noticeable rise in cholera cases have been reported since early 2012 in Centre, Nord, and Port-au-Prince. Port-au-Prince neighborhoods reporting cases of cholera include: Carrefour, Cité Soleil, Delmas, Kenscoff, Petionville, and Tabarre.

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Erick Cadet, radio personality

The peoples' favorite, Erick Cadet passed on. He was a promoter and a radio personality better known as A 2 Z (A to Z). The year 2011 ended with such sadness on Thursday, December 29th with the news of the passing of radio personality Francois Erick Cadet, who was also known in the community as promoter.
He has been struggling with his health and has battled cancer for the past 6 years but finally succumbed to the fatal disease. After the viewing, the re-pass was held at one on the communities well known Randy's Restaurant where a crowd gathered to share stories of this wonderful man. The evening was one full of life because everyone knew somehow their friend was in a better place and would suffer no more.
Although a lot of hearts in the room were heavy for the void that was left by a friend gone too soon; everyone found a way to share their experience of how they knew the late Francois Erick Cadet. He was a humble man, integrated, disciplined, simple, respectful and kind, who had a vision for the show business Haitian. In less than 10 years, through its radio broadcasts on WSRF (1580AM/Planet Radio) and dances he organized, he knew how to mark the Haitian music industry. May his soul rest in peace and he will always remain in the minds of many.

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Haiti truck accident in Morne Tapion, at least 27 people dead and 40 others injured

A truck accident took place late on Saturday afternoon. The truck was carrying small retail traders, many of them women, tipped over near Morne Tapion. At least 27 people were confirmed dead and 40 others injured. It was reported that many were crushed to death. The injured individuals were taken to Notre-Dame de Petit-Goave hospital.

According to Haitian authority, the truck's breaks failed in the hills close to the town of Petit Goave.

"What else is new"

Doesn't that just get you every few days, you hear the same thing: " Another car accident in Haiti, 10 dead, Car accident in Haiti, 8 dead, Haiti traffic accident, 20 dead.

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Why and How Afterlife Beliefs Occur

There have been studies showing how and why after life beliefs occur in a person's life.

These studies about After life Beliefs were done by a group of experimental social psychology PhD students, including Nathan Heflick, Joshua Hart of Union College and Jamie Goldberg of the University of South Florida. Conducting four studies allowed the researchers to determine the relationship between salient death and afterlife belief.

According to Heflick, afterlife belief often occurs when a person believes and perceives that a part of himself such as the soul can be independent from the physical body. Given this reasoning, it is possible to affect one's afterlife belief if the physical body is primed. Heflick and his group also concluded that with death salience comes a stronger desire to believe that there is life after death. However, this does not mean that a person facing a salient death actually believes in the afterlife. He only has an increased desire to believe in it.

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Christianity And Judaism, Where Do Dead People Go?

Christianity has various beliefs when it comes to life after death but one thing followers have in common is that they believe in the afterlife.

Catholics, Baptists, Protestants and other Christians have been taught differently about afterlife beliefs. However, the existence of heaven, hell and purgatory are very common.

Many Christians believe that the fate of the departed depends on how he lived his life on Earth. According to the Catholic Church's teachings, people who led a good life tend to go to Heaven, where they will be with God, angels, departed relatives, and fellow believers. Those who did bad things on Earth and did not repent them are expected to get punished in Hell. Bad people who hurt others while they were alive suffer from hellfire for eternity. Another Catholic belief is the existence of purgatory, which is located in the middle of Heaven and Hell. This is where people who failed to confess their sins usually go to. Some believe that spirits that were sent there can move on to Heaven in time.

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Car Accident in front of Television National (TN), over 20 dead and 50 injured

We just learned a terrible accident happened in Port-au-Prince yesterday, January 16, 2012. This took place in Delmas 33 in front of Television National D'Haiti (TNH).

A truck transporting sands, unable to find its break, took the live of many people as it was going down the hill. The truck finally stopped in front of the Television National D'Haiti. As the truck was going down, it took everything that was in its path, including people who were selling inthe streets.

Preliminary results put the total number of people who died so far at 20 and the toll is expected to go up. Over 50. People are reported injured Update: as of Tuesdat, 5:00pm the number of dead is 33 and is expected to rise

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After Life Belieft for American Indian

Do you believe in life after death?

Is there a possibility that a person's soul remains alive even if death consumed the body? Is there a way for the living to help the departed find their way to their new world? These are only some of the questions that people ask when it comes to afterlife beliefs and American Indian culture is only one of the many that holds some answers.

American Indian cultures greatly touch on after life belief. According to such culture and tradition, a person bears two souls. One of them is "free," meaning that it can be independent from the actual body and can live even after death. The other, which is referred to as the vital soul, is the one that helps the body breathes and moves. This particular soul could never survive death. Therefore, it is lost when a person dies. When it comes to Native American cultures, the world of the dead is described differently. Some say it is like a "happy hunting ground," while others liken it to the gloomy and dark world of Hades.

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Professor Jean-Claude Bajeux is Dead

A defender of Human rights in Haiti lost his own battle. Professor Jean-Claude Bajeux, died on Friday, August 5, 2011. According to a family member, he died of lung cancer at home Port-au-Prince.

His political and social activist movement started in 1964 when Jean-Claude Bajeux was forced into exile under the Duvalier regime, after attempting to organize Haiti's Catholic clergy in protest of the expulsion of the Jesuit order.

He became leader of the political party Konakom and a supporter of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

Jean-Claude Bajeux and his family left Haiti in October 1993 due to threats made on his life. He was harassed by members of the Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti, known as FRAPH. He returned to Haiti in 1994 until his death. Professor Jean-Claude Bajeux died on Friday, August 5, 2011, at his house.

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Is Guy Philippe involved in the death of Congressman Dionald Polyte?

There have been rumors circulating that the death of Haitian Congressman Dionald Polyte was not an accident but rather a well planed assassination.

The wife of the Congressman pointed the finger directly to Former police commissioner and head of the National Reconstruction Front (FRN), Guy Philippe for the death of her husband. According to the the wife of Congressman Dionald Polyte, Eva, her husband did not have to go out this way.

Here is the video of the interview with Polyte's widow, Eva Dutreuil:

Guy Philippe for his part denied that he was involved in the killing of Dionald Polyte. He also believes that the current President of Deputies, Sorel Jacinthe, is engaging in a smear campaign against him and that he is using the death of Congressman Dionald Polyte to tarnish his image.

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Lenord Fortune, AKA Azor of Racine Mapou de Azor is dead

The "Haitian Joudalist" just learned that the one of the most successful Racine singer is dead. According to information obtained, Azor, felt sick after a performance in Saut D'Eau to celebrate Mont Carmel.

The Racine artist Azor has been known for bringing the Haitian culture to life in his music videos. Lenord Fortune has been very careful in presentation the videos for his Racine Mapou band. It is obvious in the costume changes from multiple takes. He also used young beautiful and talented Haitian dancers to accompany to the actual singers.

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