Haiti needs a hybrid dictator, someone to rule with an iron fist, said Pras Michél

Pras Michél of the Fugees who was one of the first supporters of Michel Martelly and subsequently has kept his distance due to dissatisfaction with the Martelly team made his opinion known. In an interview at a screening of his documentary "Sweet Micky for President", Pras stated that democracy doesn't work in Haiti.


Pra made it clear that "Haiti needs a progressive leader, a hybrid dictator like China"."Haiti needs someone to rule with an iron fist and then take their foot off the pedal."

This is not the first time I hear these kind of statements being made by either Haitian or people who have been following Haitian politics for years. I personally have been one who always believe that people have the right to govern themselves and any system that will impose rules on a population doesn't have a place on today society.

At the same time, I hear the cries of many who think that in the case of Haiti, it is different. Their argument is that in Haiti the level of corruption is out of control. I addition, a population as poor as Haiti will never succeed democratically. That Haitians are unable to think long term; their needs are immediate, today and now. They can't plan long-term because before you can make plan for tomorrow, you have to somehow have some level of control over today.

So who is right?

what is the solution?

Should we continue on our path to Democracy as some believe we will get there some day?

Should a dictator take over as Pras Michél and many other suggested and rule Haiti with an iron fist?

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Josephjocelyn says...

nothing to say. 100 % correct, Haiti is out of control.

As soon as someone becomes head of state the whole country including the population are nothing but his private property for him and his family there's no tomorrow for

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Bigal says...


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Jean Rigodon says...

Haiti needs to have a system like china the Haitian I see on the streets in port au prince need to have some one to control them. Haiti can not have democracy
if Haitian fools themselves to think you can have democracy in Haiti the country is going to

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Pete Morisseau says...

It is the truth if he only see it now he too late?only way to have peace in haïti so people can go about they beziness a dictator progressist you said it

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Frideny says...

I totally agreed with you. We really need someone whith hands made of iron to govern us. You are completely

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Benito says...

That is the best solution for our Haiti Cherie! My father has been saying the same so are all the forefathers before him. Haitians are not ready yet to be democratize! Too many sharks and too many poor uneducated people that the sharks are manipulated for they own benefits.

We need a ruler that take matter on hands and get rid of anyone that meddling on Haiti future! One needs to recognize when enough is enough! Too many of us are suffer for the sake of a few. We need another Tiger! Simple is

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Subject: Haiti needs a hybrid dictator, someone to rule with an iron fist, said Pras Michel edit

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