Child Discipline

Discipline child methods are of different types and between cultures there is a wide variation on this. In fact in the recent times there have been a lot of changes in the way a child could be disciplined. The traditional method is smacking or spanking the child on the buttocks.


Spanking is the term used in North American English and smacking is used in the Commonwealth and the British English. As of today child discipline of the non violent form is followed. For small families it suits best since it is time intensive. It is important to set good examples at home. A mother who spends a lot of time in front of the TV cannot expect the children to value their time.

Depending upon the child's stubbornness, desire and personality the disciplining in the child could be dramatic. Opponents of corporal punishment and spanking on children advocate use of non violent methods. These can be effective enough to bring in discipline in the child. Parents should give more thought to child discipline, ensure control on self and think quickly while administering non violent discipline in children. Methods include praise, hugging, modeling consequences, reasoning, consistency and distraction.

Many of the developmental psychologists as well as pediatricians recommend the time-out technique instead of spanking. If the child has a problematic behavior it can be changed by using the distraction method. Which ever be the method, maintaining consistency is equally important. These techniques can be very demanding on the parent. In the modern discipline child methods, even rewards.

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