A List of Child Discipline Strategies

A list of child discipline strategies is best to refer to improve the habits of your child, whatever may be the age. When it comes to disciplining the child one of the most important things is being consistent at all times. If the child behaves in a desirable manner then a reward in the form of money, toy, praise, food etc in tangible or non tangible form can be awarded.


Ensure something that is fun filled is done on a regular basis with the child for which you will need to set aside time. Teaching them what exactly has to be done, instead of constantly telling them what does not have to be done, is more important. If there is a particular way you would like the child to behave in then demonstrate this.

Directions provided by you should be understood by them properly. Ask them to repeat back the directions provided. Communication with the child must be firm yet friendly. Tell them that if they behave inappropriately then there will be certain consequences to it as well and these should be stated clearly. Whatever the crime, the punishment should be befitting it. While redirecting the child using a confident and soft tone is important especially when the child is upset.

Make the child understand that he or she should also express feelings. As far as complying with requests is concerned, give the child a choice to do so. If the parents disagree about a particular discipline then this should never be done in front of the child. Be consistent, avoid ordering, agree on a desirable behavior and make clear what exactly is expected of the child. Make a list of child discipline strategies and accordingly go ahead with disciplining your child.

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