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Haitian Father can no longer come home for beating problem son

A Haitian pastor in Port Chester though that he was doing what he needed to do to prevent his son from becoming a delinquent and likely a criminal or a problem to society found himself in jail for just that. Pastor Precie Guerrier was in court on December 18, 2013, facing charges for beating his 12 year old son because the son was behaving badly in school.

Mezanmi koze pa pou ou. Eske nou tande problem? Yon pastè Aysyen ki touve li ape reponn kestion lajistis paske li ape eseye korije yon ti moun li ki ape bay problem lekol. Eske li tap pi bon si ke paran ti gacon sa te kite li ak komporman sa olye ke li eseye fosse li change li? Eske se pa minm problem sa yo ke anpil paran ayisyen trouve yo lè ke ti moun yo decide pou yo bay problem?

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Child Discipline

Discipline child methods are of different types and between cultures there is a wide variation on this. In fact in the recent times there have been a lot of changes in the way a child could be disciplined. The traditional method is smacking or spanking the child on the buttocks.

Spanking is the term used in North American English and smacking is used in the Commonwealth and the British English. As of today child discipline of the non violent form is followed. For small families it suits best since it is time intensive. It is important to set good examples at home. A mother who spends a lot of time in front of the TV cannot expect the children to value their time.

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A List of Child Discipline Strategies

A list of child discipline strategies is best to refer to improve the habits of your child, whatever may be the age. When it comes to disciplining the child one of the most important things is being consistent at all times. If the child behaves in a desirable manner then a reward in the form of money, toy, praise, food etc in tangible or non tangible form can be awarded.

Ensure something that is fun filled is done on a regular basis with the child for which you will need to set aside time. Teaching them what exactly has to be done, instead of constantly telling them what does not have to be done, is more important. If there is a particular way you would like the child to behave in then demonstrate this.

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