Wall between Haiti and Dominican Republic for separation

Officials from the Dominican Republic are expressing disapprobation at the erection of a wall in Carrizal, Elías Piña undertaken by the Haitian government without due consultation from the other country. The wall is to act as a border between the two nations, dividing initially this one community from the Dominican Republic. Now, calls are being made for the project, initiated by the Haitian Government, to be expanded to encompass the entire border.


These law makers are, essentially, suggesting that the government of the Dominican Republic join with Haiti to build a wall separating their two countries which will clearly outline the official border that was created in 1929 and ratified by a treaty 7 years later. Haiti's stated reason for the wall is to have better command of the border when monitoring the movement of good and the collection of taxes across it.

What would make this a desirable prospect for the other country would be the enhancement of their ability to curb illegal migration. Suggestions for the design of the wall include one call for there to be a wide enough road atop the wall, from which illegal migration can be easily controlled by patrolling officers.

Meanwhile, some are still not happy about the way in which these talks have come about. Senator, Dionis Sánchez has stated that he would like to know what those international bodies that had decried the country's new law governing Haitian immigrants had to say about Haiti's one-sided decision to build a wall along the border shared by both countries.

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