Court judgment "a shame and disgrace", President Rafael Hipólito Mejía

The Former Dominican President Rafael Hipólito Mejía made public his opinion about the 168-13 judgment of the Constitutional Court denationalizing Dominican Dominicans of Haitian origin. It was not pretty.


Mezanmi Konyè-a Se Rat kay Kap mange pay Kay

Rafael Hipólito Mejía said that this judgment is "a shame and a disgrace"; that he was "sorry". this was one of the strongest critics so far of the 168-13 judgment of the Constitutional Court in Dominican Republic and it came from a former president of that country.

Who is Rafael Hipólito Mejía:

Rafael Hipólito Mejía was President of the Dominican Republic in 2000-2004.

In 1965, he was appointed director of the National Institute of Snuff. By 1978, Mejía was appointed Minister of Agriculture under the government of Antonio Guzmán Fernández .

In 1999, Rafael Hipólito Mejía defeated Danilo Medina (Dominican Liberation Party) and Joaquín Balaguer ( Social Christian Reformist Party ) with 49,87% of the votes. His victory was in contrast with José Francisco Peña Gómez , who ran for president unsuccessfully three times (1990, 1994 and 1996)

He established the first social security pension system in the country with a flat tax of 1.5% to help fund the government.

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Subject: Court judgment "a shame and disgrace", President Rafael Hipolito Mejia edit

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