Why not a service to issue Haitian passports in Dominican Republic

Haitian Officials Urged to Document their Nationals for Dominican Republic Regularization Program. The Dominican Republic (DR) High Court issued a ruling last September 2013 that strips Haitian immigrants of citizenship, making them stateless. The international community has denounced the discriminatory action. Bowing to pressure from foreign governments, the DR said it would put into effect a National Plan of Regularization of Foreigners (PNRF), illegally residing in the DR.


One document Haitian immigrants need to register for the PNRF is a Haitian passport. But they are hard to obtain because the government of Haiti has relinquished the issuance of them to the Haitian Embassy in Washington, D.C. The time required to receive a passport from Washington can be up to three months.

Haitian in general are able to get a Haitian Passport from almost anywhere in the world. All the Haitian embassies are equipped to issue Haitian Passports: Here is a list of Haitian Consulates and embassies from all over the world: haitianbusiness.com

Zile Foundation's Executive Director, Edwin Parison, once Haitian Consular in the DR, excoriated Haitian officials, who he says ". . . have no valid excuse to justify the absence of issuance of Haitian passports in Dominican territory . . ." Parison points out Washington issues more than 50% of Haitian passports to illegal immigrants.

Registration for the PNRF began in June 2014. Out of 31,000 Haitians, who showed up to register, 24,000 had no documentation, fewer than 100 had all the required documents such as Haitian passports, and 6,000 were missing some.

The DR wants all Haitian nationals to register for the PNRF. The Minister of the Interior and also of the Dominican Police, Jose Ramon Fadul, is calling on Haitian officials to act, and get nationals their identity documents which is a Haitian passport before it is too late to register.

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