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Work under way to nominate only one candidate for the G8

We have learned that there is a high possibility that one candidate could represent the G8 in the next presidential election in Haiti. I know what the next question is and I will answer it immediately. No, Moise Jean-Charles will not fall for something like this and would run under the banner "Pitit Dessalin". the group is currently working on the plan if thy manage to have a consensus on one candidate, it will likely be Jude Celestin.

Wouldn't this be interesting if we could have a race with Jude Celestin, Moise Jean-Charles, Maryse Narcisse and Jovenel Moise?

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Now look at me inside the national palace with champagne, said Lavalas activist

There is no doubt that several factions of the Lavalas movement were present in force at the National Palace for the inauguration of Jocelerme Privert as Haiti new Provisional President. The event was marked by the presence of the current Fanmi Lavalas presidential candidate Maryse Narcisse and Aristide 's own wife, Mildred Aristide. Some people said that Jean Bertrand Aristide had deployed his heaviest weapon in a show of force.

Ores Nixon who is a Fanmi lavalas activist in the street was also present during the inauguration of Jocelerme Privert. According to Ores, "The last time I came to the palace was in 2003 when President Aristide was in power, now look at me, inside the national palace with a glass of champagne, celebrating the inauguration of our President Jocelerme Privert"

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Maryse Narcisse, Mildred Trouillot Aristide at Jocelerme Privert's investiture

Is the election of Jocelerme Privert as Provisional President coup d'etat by Fanmi lavalas and Jean Bertrand Aristide? Here is a picture of Presidential Candidate under Fanmi Lavalas Maryse Narcisse and the wife of President Jean Bertrand Aristide, Mildred Trouillot Aristide, as they were in attendance at the investiture of Provisional President Jocelerme Privert at the National Palace

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Maryse Narcisse, Mildred Trouillot Aristide nan envèstitur Jocelerme Privert

Èske eleksyon Jocelerme Privert kòm Pwovizwa Prezidan se yon koudeta pa Fanmi Lavalas ak Jean Bertrand Aristide? Gade yon foto kandida pwezidansyèl anba Fanmi Lavalas Maryse Narcisse ak madanm Prezidan Jean Bertrand Aristide, Mildred Trouillot Aristide, jan yo te nan envèstitur nouvo Prezidan Pwovizwa Jocelerme Privert nan Palè Nasyonal la

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BCEN issues his verdict making Maryse Narcisse not so happy

The BCEN has issued its verdict in favor of the allegation of Candidates Maryse Narcisse and Vilaire Cluny Duroseau. Fifty(50) "Proce Verbal" randomly selected judged non conforming based on the irregularity observed by the BCEN. As a result the Tabulation center is ordered to conduct an new tabulation, taking into consideration these "Proce Verval". In regard to the demand of Maryse Narcisse for the exclusion of candidate Jovenel Moise and the elimination of the entire electoral process, they have been rejected by the BCEN. As you may remember, out of all those who denounced the election results of November 5, only Dr. Maryse Narcisse and Vilaire Cluny Duroseau filed claims to contest the results before the deadline.

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BCEN authorized verification at the Tabulation Center Vote

The BCEN has authorized verification at the Tabulation Center Vote by Maryse Narcisse and Vilaire Cluny Duroseau. Both of them were told to come on Thursday to conduct their verification. While Candidate Cluny took the BCEN on his words and went to do the verification as requested, candidate Maryse Narcisse told BCEN to hold his horse. She want to have enough time to build a competent team to do that and scheduled her verification for Saturday, November 21. According to Moise Jean Charle, he was also invited by the BCEN to verify the minutes at the tabulation center, declined the invitation. Jude Célestin on the other hand said that he was not contacted.

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Jean Bertrand Aristide and Maryse Narcisse, last day campaign

Just a few hours before the closing of the election campaign period, the leader of the Fanmi Lavalas Party, Jean Bertrand Aristide went to the streets of Port-au-Prince with his Candidate Maryse Narcisse. This is what one would call a Hell Mary pass.

For the second time in a month former President Aristide publicly supported his party's (Fanmi Lavalas) candidate, Maryse Narcisse, as Haiti's next president.

Aristide and Narcisse emerged from his home in an open-roof vehicle to wave to hundreds of supporters, many of them from Cite Soleil, a Port-au-Prince slum.

Their appearance was part of a campaign parade of vehicles signifying the end of Narcisse's campaign before Haitians head to the polls soon.

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Maryse Narcisse of Fanmi Lavalas leading in new Poll

You can say that it is a miracle or you can say that Jean Bertrand Aristide is still a political force in Haiti. However the fact remains that after the leader of the Political Party Fanmi lavalas has spoken, there has been a major effect. According to the latest poll conducted by Haitian Study firm "Sigma Stat Consulting Group", Maryse Narcisse is now the leading candidate.

A total of 1,025 people were sampled for the study. The results obtained was as follows:

- Maryse Narcisse (Fanmi Lavalas) with 27.9%
- Jovenel Moïse (PHTK), 18.9%
- Jude Célestin "(LAPEH) with 14.9%
- Jean-Charles Moïse (Pitit Dessalin) with 8.8%
- Steven Benoit (platform Konviksyon) 6%

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Jean Bertrand Aristide to publicly support Maryse Narcisse

To all those who thought that former President Jean Bertrand Aristide can't speak out, I have some news for you. Titide will will not remain quite forever. As a matter of fact, you will be hearing from him soon. The announcement was made by the former First Lady Mildred Trouillot Aristide.

Many people so far think that the former Fanmi lavalas leader, Mr. Jean Bertrand Aristide has been ordered not to speak out. According to Mildred Trouillot Aristide, that is not the case. She informed the public on Wednesday during a celebration march for Aristide's 62nd anniversary that her husband will make public his support for the Fanmi lavalas candidate Maryse Narcisse.

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Dr. Maryse Narcisse, next Fanmi Lavalas candidate for the next Presidential election

Dr. Maryse Narcisse, received recently the nomination of the political party Fanmi Lavalas to potentially be the country's next president as early as 2015. The news was corroborated on Radio Kiskeya's 4pm news by party leaders Dr. Schiller Luidor and Dr. Louis Gerald Gilles.

Acting as the National Coordinator of the party, Narcisse has been featured in the controversial sanctioning of activists Deputy Arnel Belizaire and Senator Jean Charles Moise. Dr. Narcisse, who promotes democracy and has done much for education and community-based health care in the country, is a medical doctor. It is hoped her experience in healing can be of use to the party that is said to be suffering from a takeover of the "bourgeois makoutise". At present, the party is deemed to be in second place because of this crack in its foundation. Leading currently is the Inite Party, the political party of the former Haitian President, Rene Preval. One other issue Dr. Narcisse will have to contend with is the perception of her involvement with the United States Embassy in Haiti, as well as other private sector leaders.

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Dr. Maryse Narcisse candidate for Fanmi lavalas Party, is this a test?

The Coordinator Of Fanmi Lavalas, Dr. Maryse Narcisse,has been nominated to become the Fanmi Lavalas candidate for the next presidential election in Haiti. Some see it as a normal progression since she has been a long time party loyalist and a close friend of Jean Bertrand Aristide. However, many people think this nomination is no other than a test being conducted by the Fanmi Lavalas to collect some reactions before the ultimate decision is taken.

Here is something that would make one pose and think for a moment!

According to some theories being circulated, the Lavalas party is well aware of the limitation of Dr. Maryse Narcisse. Although she has been a loyal member of the party and even more important, the closest confident of former President Jean Bertrand Aristide, at least in public, she lacks certain skills necessary to bring the Lavalas party together to win the next presidential election.

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