The 222nd anniversary of the Ceremony Bois Caiman

The Haitian community is preparing for the 222nd anniversary of the Bois Caiman Ceremony. The ceremony is celebrated to mark a remarkable event which gave birth to the first ever black republic in the world. Bois Caiman Ceremony first celebrated on the 14th day of August 1791 remains a symbolic event in the history of humanity.


In reminder to the Haitian people Lesly Condé expressed his expectation for good participation from the Haitian Community during this important event. Lesly is the Consul General of the Republic of Haiti in Chicago.

This year the Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti in partnership with Consular Mission have organized on the 16th August a memorial evening at the Levy Centre. To mark this unforgettable ceremony there will also be a radio broadcast to put emphasis on the importance of Bois Caiman Ceremony. The live discussion will be aired on Radio Haiti International Chicago on Sunday the 18th of August starting from seven pm.

The memorial evening event, which begins at 7 pm will be painted with patriotism, recreation and culture. That evening participants will be served with refreshments. Levy Center is located at 300 Dodge Avenue, Evanston.

Bois Caiman Ceremony was birthed in Haiti on the night of August 14, 1791 when a section of slaves from the plantations organized a secret ceremony which happened in Saint-Dominingue. The ceremony which was conducted under the leadership of Dutty Boukman a Vodou priest was also used to strategize a revolt which led to burning of the northern plain. The outcome of that ceremony is to date considered to have been the official beginning of the Haitian Revolution.

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