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Ed Lozama, Volunteer Ambassador for the Promotion of South of Haiti

Ed Lozama is a popular radio personality in both Florida and Haiti's media industry and now a Vonlunteer Ambassador. He began his career in radio during his teenage years and has since then grown into one of the most respected radio broadcaster in his homeland and in the United States. Born and raised in Haiti, he studied broadcasting in the state of Chicago and settled in Miami for a few years, making a name for himself in Florida's radio industry. He then worked as a journalist to Voice of America but then decided to go back to Haiti to continue pursuing radio broadcasting there.

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Ed Lozama, the New director of Communication for Michel Martelly

The "Haitian Joudalist" Just learned that Ed Lozama, the host of Ed Loz Live radio show in Miami just got a Job with the Michel Martelly campaign. Ed Lozama has just been hired by Sweet Mickey to become his new Communication Director. Effective immediately, Ed Lozama is on a Leave of Absence from his popular morning show to assume this new position in the Michel Martelly campaign.

"He, Bagay Yo comance bon Nan Min Ed"

" Who knows, If Martelly is elected, Ed will probably get the position of Communication Director for five years."

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