Candidate for deputy Jerry Tardieu to challenge results

Deputy Candidate Jerry Tardieu Says Election Results Wrong


Petion-Ville deputy candidate, Jerry Tardieu, representing VERITE, is disputing his first-round election results. The figure of 30.86% of votes in his favor is incorrect he says. The accurate figure is 34.59% according to the tallied votes his campaign has delivered. Although he leads his opponent by a comfortable margin of 22.05% it is not enough to claim victory in the first stage of voting.

In order to win the first round the Electoral Decree declares ". . . the candidate for deputy receiving the greatest number of votes who have (sic) not obtained an absolute majority . . ." must have a lead of 25% or more to be declared the winner.

Tardieu is challenging the Provisional Electoral Council's (PEC) results that make it impossible for him to proceed to the next round of voting. He is stunned the PEC's count could be so far off the mark, and yet so close, a 4% difference between Tardieu's accounting and the PEC's. It is suspicious the 4% difference is a curiously round figure, which could mean some election official at the PEC arbitrarily chose the figure to make it appear it was a close call and therefore creditable.

Tardieu is challenging the results under Articles 175 and 176 of the Electoral Decree. He thinks the only justification for the deviation from the standards of vote tallying is the omission ". . . of the minutes during re-entry of data at the Tabulation Center."

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