Evans Paul talking to opposition, open to independent vote verification

During a visit to Miami to participate at the National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals, Haitian Prime minister Evans Paul is in support of an independent verification of the vote count regarding the October 25 first round of presidential elections in Haiti.


At the conference that took place at Florida International University in North Miami, the Prime Minister seems to understand the magnitude of the current crisis and acknowledged that something must be done to keep things from getting worst. He said that he is open to the request by a group of presidential candidates and local observers for an independent verification of the vote count; however, he doubts this will be enough to solve the problem. According to Evans Paul, "The question is who will make up this commission because the trust crisis in Haiti doesn't exclude anyone".

Evans Paul also admitted that he started to speak with the opposition in order to find a solution; however, he was not in a position to name the individual he already spoke with.

Do you think Evans Paul will be able to get himself out of this mess?

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