Jude Célestin, No election without Independent commission Investigation

The candidate under the banner LAPEH, Jude Célestin, refuses to meet with the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP)


In a letter dated December 14, 2015, written in response to a request for a meeting with the CEP, Jude Celestin explained that any meeting would not be appropriate before the establishment of an Evaluation commissions in regard to the election results of October 25. He went further to say that a meeting at this time would even be superfluous without the establishment, without delay, of this Commission.

According to Jude Celestin, "We are now at a crossroads. As you, as an institution responsible for organizing credible elections, that I, presidential candidate, we have a duty to steer the country in the right direction, choose the right path by taking difficult and most courageous decisions."

"If it is true that provides our country with a president in February 7, 2016 is important, it is also true, if not more, than the credibility of the process to achieve this goal is essential to our young and fragile democracy."

"A true second round, a second round credible imply that the two candidates that face have indeed enjoyed the confidence of the population in the first round. "

" The Evaluation Commission is a must to safeguard the electoral process to ensure its integrity and prevent the country sinking into an unprecedented crisis in the total chaos."

" Once the work of the Evaluation Commission completed, the electoral institution can rely on my availability and my usual provisions to dialogue to discuss the implementation of its recommendations and the holding of the second round of presidential elections. The ball is in your camp!"


Jude Célestin kanpe fèm pou yon komisyon endepandan

Kandida LAPEH, Jude Célestin, refize rankontre ak Konsèy Elektoral Pwovizwa a (KEP). Nan yon lèt ki gen dat, 14 desanm 2015, li ekri nan repons a yon demann pou yon reyinyon ak CEP a, Jude Celestin te eksplike ke nenpòt reyinyon pa ta dwe apwopriye anvan etablisman yon komisyon Evalyasyon pou eleksyon nan 25 Oktòb la. Li te ale pi lwen pou di ke yon reyinyon nan moman sa a ta menm initil san etablisman, san pèdi tan, nan Komisyon sa a.

Dapre Jude Celestin, "Nou kounye a nan yon krwaze chemin. Kòm ou, se yon enstitisyon ki responsab pou òganize eleksyon kredib, se mwen menm, kandida pou prezidan, nou gen yon devwa nan trennen peyi a nan bon direksyon an, chwazi chemen dwat, pran desizyon difisil"

"Si se vre pou gen yon prezidan nan 7 fevriye, 2016 se yon bagay enpòtan, li vre tou, si se pa plis, pou pwosesis la kredible nan reyalize objektif esansyèl sa ak frajil demokrasi nou an."

"Yon dezyèm tou vrè , se yon dezyèm tou kredib ki vle di ke de kandida yo ki ape fè fas la tout bon te jwi konfyans nan moun nan popilasyon an nan premye tou an."

"Komisyon Evalyasyon an dwe pwoteje pwosesis elektoral la asire entegrite li pou anpeche peyi a l desann nan yon kriz san parèy nan dezòd total."

"Yon fwa travay Komisyon Evalyasyon ranpli, enstitisyon elektoral la ka konte sou disponiblite m 'ak dispozisyon abityèl mwen pou diskite sou aplikasyon nan rekòmandasyon li yo ak kenbe nan dezyèm wonn nan eleksyon prezidansyèl yo. Boul la se nan kan ou!"

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