Why is Rene Preval so quiet on the candidacy of Jude Celestin?

As we are counting down to election day in Haiti, the truth can no longer be hidden. We are now in a position to see whether or not all these political parties were legitimate or some type of cover up to increase chances or just a way to make a quick buck. The latest consolidation came from Platform Verite that has decided to support the candidacy of Jude Celestin or president.


Out of those seen so far, this can be considered as the most meaningful. You can't stop me from asking the obvious question which is: Does Rene Preval has anything to do with this?

As the Haitian Joudalist, I know for a fact that our former two term president is a master mind in term of Haitian politic. I will go as far as saying that Rene Preval is a "Political Animal" and as such he is often way ahead of any other actors in the political field in Haiti.

Le's take certain facts into consideration: One Jude Celestin and Rene Preval are very good friends. Five years ago, Jude Celestin was in the position that Jovenel Moise is now occupying. He was the candidate of the government of Rene Preval and we all know how it turned out. many said that Jude was penalized for his affiliation with Rene Preval at the time.

The question is: Has Jude Celestin been the candidate supported by Rene Preval from the beginning?

How many people think that Jacky Lumarque was never the candidate for Rene Preval, that he was just a façade?

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Subject: Why is Rene Preval so quiet on the candidacy of Jude Celestin? edit

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