Inauguration of government headed by PM Enex Jean-Charles this Saturday

A functioning government in Haiti can not wait any longer. This Saturday (March 26, 2016), President Jocelerme Privert will proceed in the inauguration of the newly formed government of Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles. However, several changes have been made in the membership of the cabinet to please some of the pro-Martelly supporters who are trying to protect him against accusations of mismanagement of funds from the public treasury during Martelly government.


Minister of Planning and External Cooperation: Me Aviole Fleurant

Minister of Justice and Public Security: Florence Élie

Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development: Finally, Pierre Edouard Laurore

Camille Junior Edouard will now be Minister of Justice, replacing Florence Elie who has been accused by some pro Martelly Senators of holding dual nationality. Also we now have Aviol Fleurant in planning

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Inogirasyon gouvènman ki gen nan tèt li PM Enex Jean-Charles, Samdi sa

Yon gouvènman an Ayiti pa ka tann ankò. Samdi sa a (26 mas 2016), Prezidan Jocelerme Privert pral inogire gouvènman sa ki fèk fòme ak Premye Minis Enex Jean-Charles. Sepandan, plizyè chanjman te fè nan manm nan kabinè a, pou te fè kèk nan pro-Martelly sipòtè yo ki ap eseye pwoteje goumen'l kont akizasyon nan movèz jesyon nan finansman piblik pandan Martelly gouvènman an.

Camille Junior Edouard pral kounye a Minis Jistis, ranplase Florence Elie ki te akize pa kèk pro Martelly Senatè nan kenbe doub nasyonalite. Epitou nou genyen kounye a Aviol Fleurant nan planifikasyon

Ki sa ou panse?

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Subject: Inauguration of government headed by PM Enex Jean-Charles this Saturday edit

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