Haiti's one of the Gold mines

Park MACAYA...is one of the greatest Conservation Park that the world has been acknowledged in recent years, but yet absolutely neglected by our governments since long after our independence. It baffled me a lot on how past Governments have been categorically blind to make this ecological Heaven into a profitable source of Revenue for the country and the locals especially the "Village of Rendel" near Port-a-Piment. It saddens/pains me to see how these surrounding areas are deprived of the basic human Needs but yet sit on a "Gold Mine".


Like "El Yunque" in Puerto Rico, which is considered for the USDA and the Puerto Rican Government as a Money making Machine...WHY Pic MACAYA, a World Wonder, Couldn't Even BE more Lucrative than El Yunque?

Park Macaya has been not exploited fully for Over 200 years. I Strongly Believe its Fauna and Flora, and other ecological traits Have the Potential to SAVE the World to certain Extinct. I Encourage You" The People" to make an Effort to discover this Hidden Gem for the advancement and for the SAKE of our Heritage whenever you are Visiting the "SUD" of Haiti.

Park MACAYA HAS more to Offer in Terms of Ecological Biodiversity, Flora, Fauna, History, Conservation, and mostly its MYSTERY that Have NOT been Explored for OVER Well 2 Centuries.

KtaLove Bertrand, The Eternal Researcher!!!

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