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Eric Jean-Baptiste now expects himself to be in second round

I would like for someone to tell me: Was ther any loosed in the last presidential election in Haiti. If you want to take statements from Jude Celestin, Jovenel Moise, Marise Narcisse, Moise jean Charles, and now Eric Jean-Baptiste, all of them are winners. The speculations and misinformation are multiplying which will make the job of the Verification Commission even more difficult. As a reminder, Eric Jean-Baptiste who is a member of the G8, came in fifth position in the first round of presidential elections. He believes that if all those who have been involved in fraud are expelled he would be in second place

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Eric Jean Baptiste, Pere Etenel Loto, shot, in critical condition

We just learned that Eric Jean Baptiste who is the owner of Pere Etenel Loto has just been shot in Port-au-Prince. He is currently in the hospital where the doctors are attempting to save his life

Update: 3.17.15 (12:15):
We learned that the gunshot was self inflicted and an accident. According to family members, he was cleaning his own gun at home and did not realize there was another bullet left inside the gun. We also learned that he is no longer in danger and expected to survive this accident.


Eric Jean Baptiste , Pere Etenel Loto , recevwa bal. Li nan yon kondisyon ki kritik

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