Agritrans Establish Haiti as Major Banana Exporter

After a long gap of 60 years, Haiti has exported a shipment of bananas to Europe under a three year contract valuing €93 million, each year. In contrast, Haiti's next neighbor Dominican Republic, every year sends up to 350,000 MT of premium organic fruits, overseas.


Although these two nations share similar soil, same climate along with logistics and trade characteristics, Haiti's export of agricultural products were almost negligible. 'Agritrans SA' is a $27 million ambitious agricultural project attempting to establish a banana business in Haiti with modern agricultural equipment such as irrigation pumps, an artificial lake with 700.000 gallon capacity, tractors, etc.

It has involved about 300 farmers whose goal is to cultivate organic plantains exclusively for exportation. They have planted 228,000 banana seedlings over 1,000 hectares in Northern Haiti. The Haitian government has, so far, invested around $18 million to increase the plantation up to 2 million banana trees.

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