Breadfruit Nutritional Value and Many Food Uses

Breadfruit is a fruit of the mulberry-tree family, and is associated with other fruits grown in tropic countries such as breadnut, jackfruit, and figs, among other tropic fruit varieties. Its growing season stretches from May to September. Its name is derived from the fact that when baked, it turns bread-like in color and mouth-feel. Considered a staple in Haiti, it is similar to rice, plantain, and coconut, also considered staples, and grown in other tropic climates.


Breadfruit, calorie-rich, contains carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and phyto nutrients. As the fruit ripens, it releases fructose and glucose sugars. Good for the intestinal tract, it decreases cholesterol, and helps to prevent colon cancer. It contains anti-oxidant properties such as xanthin and vitamin C, with high levels of B-complex, most notably niacin.

When freshly picked, breadfruit contains large amounts of potassium, as in bananas. Some of its properties help to steady heart-beat and blood-pressure levels for healthy functioning.

The seeds of breadfruit provide protein and manganese, selenium, and zinc minerals, among other mineral content. Its seeds can be prepared like other nuts and legumes, either roasted or boiled. Breadfruit has many uses. Ripened, it gives off an aroma of just-baked sourdough bread. In flavor, it tastes like a pippin-apple custard. As a fully-mature fruit, it works well as a vegetable in dishes such as dumplings.

To maintain breadfruit for out-of-season uses, it is either milled or fermented. Other preparation methods of breadfruit include: stir-fried, stewed, and baked.

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