Allegation of Kickbacks between President Martelly Dominican Senator Felix Bautista, Nuria Piera

According to Dominican Investigative Journalist Nuria Piera, President Michel Martelly received at least $$2.5 million in the form of Kickbacks by a Dominican construction firm owned by Dominican Senator Felix Bautista.


The winning Companies:
According to the report, one the companies owned by Bautista, HADOM Construction was awarded a $2.5 million contract to do reconstruction work in Haiti. HADOM received 75,466,638.08 HTG ($1.8 Million U.S.) on November 8, 2010 and another 5,000,000 HTG ($120,000 U.S.) on May 11, 2011. The contracts were signed by former Prime Minister and current Presidential Adviser, Jean-Max Bellerive


The winning Haitian Politicians:
According to the Investigative Journalist Nuria Piera, companies owned by Senator Batista transferred $2,587,100.00 to Haitian President Michel Martelly and $250,000.00 to presidential candidate Mirlande Manigat.

Things that make you think:
Dominican company, DGII, began operating on April 4th 2011 (After 2010 Haiti earthquake) and should not have been eligible to receive any contract from the 2010 earthquake. This would go directly against one of the major requirements in order for a company to receive fund from the 2010 earthquake which is a company has to have been in existence for at least 5 years .

Dominican Senator Felix Bautista is a a close friend of Dominican President Leonel Fernandez.

Method used:
In a report titled "The Path of Millions", the Dominican journalists, Piera conducted an intensive investigations of several financial documents such as dozens of pages of bank statements, pay ratios, charts, transactions, schedules and a list of property and businesses owned by Dominican Senator Felix Bautista (PLD-San Juan)

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Subject: Allegation of Kickbacks between President Martelly Dominican Senator Felix Bautista, Nuria Piera edit

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