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Rene Preval and relationship with Fidel Castro of Cuba

Against the wishes of many, Haiti, led by then president René Préval, began dealings with Cuba and Fidel Castro. As part of a trilateral cooperate between the two countries and Venezuela, Castro facilitated an aid package to Haiti that would include oil and energy solutions, medical and disaster support, education, etc.

During Préval's first turn as president, after the September 1998 hurricane Georges had ravaged the country and left a cholera outbreak, 500 Cuban doctors were sent to give aid. Described by Préval as second only to God in their healing abilities, the gift was looked on suspiciously by others claiming the intention was to either steal jobs or spread the 'communist influence'. Following Rene Preval's personal experience of the Cuban health system and a second visit of the doctors in the wake of 2010's cholera outbreak, Préval awarded the Cuban Medical Brigade, and by extension Castro, with the country's highest honor, the National Order of Honor and Merit in the grade of Grand Officer. Hundreds of thousands had been infected; the death toll nearly 5000, but the efforts of the Cuban doctors had saved the lives of over 73,000 Haitians.

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Haitan President Michel Martelly conducting first official visit to Cuba

It seems to me this was long anticipated. considering Cuba's contribution to the fight on Cholera in Haiti. Michel Martelly and his team finally decided to pay a visit to the neighboring country of Cuba. This clearly shows a different policy from that of Rene Preval. It appears to me that Rene Preval had a closer relation with Fidel and Raul Castro of Cuba that our current president Michel Martelly.

Why would Martelly take on a different politic Vis a vis of Cuba?

Anyway, this first official visit to Cuba will allow Martelly to get acquainted with the regime. Who knows, this might be the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Martelly and Castro.

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