The salary of the CEP members doubled overnight

I am definitely working at the wrong place. Just to receive a three to five percent cost of living increase, it takes me years. This is not the case for the members of the CEP in Haiti. They just received an adjustment in their salaries from 124.000 gourdes to 240.000 gourdes. This is an increase of One hundred percent. The minister of Finance Wilson Laleau, has instructed the Treasury Department to take the appropriate measures to make the adjustment retroactive back in October, 2015. By the way these salaries do not include other fringe benefits usually associated with the position such as free vehicles, gas securities, and others


Haitian Kreyol:

Salè manm CEP yo double nan yon sèl jou

Mwen definitivman pa ap travay nan yon bon travay. Jis pou mwen resevwa yon ti kaka aren (twa a senk pousan) ogmantasyon, li pran m ' pliyier ane. Sepanda, sa a se pa pou manm CEP yo an Ayiti. Yo jis resevwa yon ajisteman nan salè yo ki soti de 124,000 goud a 240,000 goud. Sa a se yon ogmantasyon prèske san pou san. Minis Finans lan Wilson Laleau, te enstwi Depatman Trezò an pou pran mezi ki apwopriye pou fè ajisteman an retwoaktif tounen nan mwa Oktòb, 2015. Mwen vle fè ou sonje ke salè sa yo pa gen ladan plizyer lòt benefis jeneralman asosye ak pozisyon sa tankou machin gratis, gaz sekirite, e latriye.

Ki sa ou panse?

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Cesar Jeanjacques says...

This is idiot by the name of laleau gives these classless CEP as raise.

It is sad because the Haitian people can't get a free bottle of water just to say the

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Subject: The salary of the CEP members doubled overnight edit

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