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Government Decree to increase minimum wage to 375 gourdes $6.05 a Day

The Decree to increase the minimum wage finally issued by President Jocelerme Privert. Effective May 1, 2016, An employee who works an eight-hour working day for the highest sector will receive a minimum salary of 375 gourdes ($6.05). Previously, it was 240 gourdes ($3.87). The salaries for workers in different sectors such as the industrial, private and service sectors will receive varying increases.

This Decreed was issued following pressure from various workers demanding an increase in the minimum wage to deal with high inflation. Few weeks ago, hundreds of protesters marched through the streets of Port-au-Prince, demanding an increase of 500 gourdes in the minimum wage. In addition, an ongoing strike by various State hospitals has left the population without any access to health care.

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Gary Bodeau and allies to donate March and April salaries to Hospital in Hinche

According to Valery Numa of Radio Vision 2000, the Deputy of Delmas, Gary Bodeau said that all the Deputies in the Alliance Parliamentary bloc for Haiti have agreed to donate their salaries to help the victims of the recent gas station in Hinche. That includes salaries for two months(March and April) that will be donated to the hospital in Hinche

I would like to have some type of progress report on this

What do you think?

Depite Gary Bodeau ak alye di li ape fè don Mas ak Avril salè yo pou lopital nan Hinche

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The salary of the CEP members doubled overnight

I am definitely working at the wrong place. Just to receive a three to five percent cost of living increase, it takes me years. This is not the case for the members of the CEP in Haiti. They just received an adjustment in their salaries from 124.000 gourdes to 240.000 gourdes. This is an increase of One hundred percent. The minister of Finance Wilson Laleau, has instructed the Treasury Department to take the appropriate measures to make the adjustment retroactive back in October, 2015. By the way these salaries do not include other fringe benefits usually associated with the position such as free vehicles, gas securities, and others

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Haitian Magistrates (ANAMAH) 20 months salary not paid

Haiti may be moving ahead on reconstruction projects according to what President Martelly told the Wall Street Journal recently, but the government cannot sustain its established institutions. Employees at Notre Dame Hospital in Petit-Goâve have had their pay suspended 18 months, causing two strikes, and the National Association of Haitian Magistrates' pay has been withheld 20. This brought the justice system to a grinding halt.

It was announced by the Ministry of Justice 20 judges' mandates have been renewed in the jurisdictions of Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haitien, Petit-Goâve, Jacmel, Port-de-Paix, Anse a Veau, Grand-Riviere du Nord, Coteaux, Miragoane, Gonaives, and Hinche. Plans to disburse payments in arrears are scheduled to occur soon.

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Haiti Minimum Wage Protest, not the time nor the place for it

On December 10, 2013, hundreds of Haitian workers in assembly industries demonstrated in Port-au-Prince to demand 500 gourdes as minimum wage. As it is often the case in Haiti, protest often means violence and as you know, the world is watching, potential investors are watching and as the Martelly-Lamothe is working hard to open the door for business in Haiti, we are once again engaging in self-destructive behaviors.

Mezanmi, fok nou sispan detri tet pa nou oui! Si nou vle payi sa mache, se pa pa violans non ke li prale mache. Si nou vle ke Ayisyem pa ale an Dominikani pou ale fè Rasist Dominikin imilye nou plis, se pa nan kraze brize non!

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