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Francois C. Antoine Simon - December 1908 to August 1911

Francois C. Antoine Simon (1843 - 1923) was the 18th Haitian President between 6 December 1908 and 3 August 1911. He succeeded his predecessor, the autocratic President Pierre Nord Alexis, by leading a rebellion against him.

President Simon had little formal education but with his foresight, appointed a six member cabinet team for the well being of the country. He was a respected and ambitious president who introduced many beneficial reforms for the development and rebuilding of Haiti. His one of the greatest achievement was to introduce an Act that enabled many Haitians in exile to return. President Simon constantly strove to improve the agriculture in the country.

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Les Cayes A Beautiful Town In Haiti

Les Cayes is a beautiful town located in southwest Haiti. It is the capital of the Sud Department and is situated on the Caribbean coast near the Ravine du Sud River. It is located southwest of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, at a distance of 196 km. It has six communes including Torbeck, Les Cayes, Maincihe, Camp-Perrin, Île à Vache and Chantal.

History Of Les Cayes

Since the other cays and small Île à Vache island are located near by, the town was given the name Aux Cayes, which means 'On the Cays'. Even now the old name is kept, besides the new name Les Cayes.

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