Dany Laferrière went back to his root in Petit-Goâve

How many people , after being admitted to such a prestigious place as the Académie française would want the world to know of his humble upbringing? Someone like Dany Laferrière would and that is what made him so special. Last Saturday, Dany Laferrière who was just elected to the French Academy arrived in Petit-Goâve to share some of that success and his new fame.


While in Petit-Goâve where he grew up, Dany Laferrière met several people who came to greet and congratulate him. He is now considered to be the pride of Haiti and especially the town of Petit-Goâve. He said that the city of Petit-Goâve had been his inspiration and actually played a key role in his writings.

Dany also took the opportunity to enjoy his favorite food which is: ground corn with avocado slices.

He also had a conversation with several Journalists presents. Dany Laferrière argued in favor of Creole-French education in Haiti

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