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Haiti Political parties and their Leaders

Throughout the history of Haiti, only a few political parties have had a strong organizational structure. In the 1870s and the 1880s, the Liberal Party and the National Party were the two dominant political parties in Haiti reflecting the social and class division that exists in the country. On one side, you see the Liberals party composed mainly of the wealthier and better-educated mulatto minority in Haiti. On the other hand, the Nationalists Party, made mainly of the lower-and middle-class black majority.

Following the United States occupation (1915-34), the nationalist parties organized around the issue of resistance to foreign occupation. The political parties in Haiti started multiplying during the presidential campaign of 1946. Many candidates were participating, including: Parti Socialiste (PSP), Parti Democrate Unifi (PDU), Mouvement Ouvrier Paysan (MOP) and many more. During the Duvalier reign, most political leaders had been silenced.

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Is Guy Philippe involved in the death of Congressman Dionald Polyte?

There have been rumors circulating that the death of Haitian Congressman Dionald Polyte was not an accident but rather a well planed assassination.

The wife of the Congressman pointed the finger directly to Former police commissioner and head of the National Reconstruction Front (FRN), Guy Philippe for the death of her husband. According to the the wife of Congressman Dionald Polyte, Eva, her husband did not have to go out this way.

Here is the video of the interview with Polyte's widow, Eva Dutreuil:

Guy Philippe for his part denied that he was involved in the killing of Dionald Polyte. He also believes that the current President of Deputies, Sorel Jacinthe, is engaging in a smear campaign against him and that he is using the death of Congressman Dionald Polyte to tarnish his image.

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