Look at one of the kidnappers attending Lencie Mirville funeral

This is a classical case audacity. What you are looking at (the face circled in red) is the actual picture of one of the people responsible for the kidnapping, torture and death of young student Lencie Mirville present at her funeral.


Desir Jebson AKA Sonsonn was in the funeral of Lencie Mirville in support to the family. Some say that at one point he was also crying for the tragic death of the child for which he was one of the principals actors. He then went to the home of the family and even ate with them.

According to some reports, the father of the child, Paster Minvil, was also at risk after the funeral of the child. He went to Soge Bank to withdraw additional fund after the funeral also present at the bank was none other than than Desir Jebson AKA Sonsonn who informed the other bandits about the transaction.

What do you think should happen to someone like Sonsonn?

Do you think that people like Desir Jebson AKA Sonsonn can be rehabilitated?

For those who are against capital punishment and would rather go for a life sentence, are you willing to live with the possibility that these kidnappers can be one day free, considering the security in our prison system?

Haitian Kreyol:

Youn nan kidnapè yo nan fineray Lencie Mirville

Sa a se yon odas klasik. Sa (figi a maké an wouj) se foto aktyèl youn nan moun yo ki responsab kidnape, tòti a ak lanmò jèn elèv Lencie Mirville prezan nan fineray li.

Desir Jebson AKA Sonsonn te nan fineray Lencie Mirville pou pote sipò pou fanmi an. Gen moun ki di ke nan yon pwen li t'ap rele byen fò pou lanmò trajik ki te pase timoun nan pou ki li se te youn nan direktè aktè. Apre sa, li te ale nan kay fanmi an e menm manje ak yo.

Dapre kèk rapò, papa timoun nan, Paster Minvil, te tou nan risk apre fineray la. Li te ale nan Soge Bank pou retire plis fon apre fineray la. Min te gin nan bank la tou Desir Jebson AKA Sonsonn ki enfòme lòt bandi yo sou tranzaksyon an.

Ki sa ou panse ta dwe rive ak yon moun tankou Sonsonn?

Ou panse ke moun tankou Desir Jebson AKA Sonsonn ka ranje?

Pou moun ki kont pinisyon kapital oubyen ta pito ale pou prizon avi, ou vle viv avèk posibilite ke kidnapè sa yo kapab deyo yon jou, konsidere sekirite nan sistèm prizon nou an?

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Harold Desrosiers says...

my opinion is no life time prison for them tomorrow there be out like said before kill them all the next time there will think

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Harold Desrosiers says...

kill all of them

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Clovis Camilien says...

I do not believe in capital punishment, but I don't thing these guys deserve to

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