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Look at one of the kidnappers attending Lencie Mirville funeral

This is a classical case audacity. What you are looking at (the face circled in red) is the actual picture of one of the people responsible for the kidnapping, torture and death of young student Lencie Mirville present at her funeral.

Desir Jebson AKA Sonsonn was in the funeral of Lencie Mirville in support to the family. Some say that at one point he was also crying for the tragic death of the child for which he was one of the principals actors. He then went to the home of the family and even ate with them.

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Funeral of Black-Alex at Eglise St-Pierre of Petion-ville

This is the Funeral ceremony of Haitian singer Alex James PIERRE, but known to everyone as Black Alex. The funeral took place at Eglise St-Pierre de Pétion-ville, on Friday, November 27 2015

WATCH VIDEO: Black-Alex Funeral, November 27, 2015, Eglise St-Pierre of Pétion-ville

Haitian Kreyol:
Sa se seremoni Funeral chantè Black Alex ki te fet nan Eglise St- Pierre de Petion-Ville, nan Vandredi, 27 Novanm 2015.

Ki sa ou panse?

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Neither State nor National Funeral for Haitian Dictator

Duvalier State Funeral not Happening. Ex-President Jean-Claude Duvalier, who died of a heart attack on October 4th, is not going to be honored with a state funeral, a relief to Haitian rights groups. A tweet President Martelly posted, saying Duvalier was an "authentic child of the country" caused a surge of fear to spread among the public a state funeral would be held for Duvalier, under whose rule tens of thousands of Haitians were massacred, tortured, abducted, or forced to flee for their lives. Migration of the country's professionals left Haiti bereft of its intelligentsia from which it has never recovered.

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Should there be a State National Funeral for Jean Claude Duvalier?

One of the attorney for the former Haitian Dictator, Me Reynold Georges, stated that the National funeral for Jean Claude Duvalier are in the planning stage at this time. However, the government of Martelly-Lamothe has not made public their decision at this time.

National funeral, just like it was done recently for former President Leslie Manigat, is natural. However, Former President Jean Claude Duvalier is in a case by itself. He has many enemies who would tell you he should have have a National funeral.

What do yo think?

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

Eske nou panse ke dwe jin yon Funeray National pou Jean Claude Duvalier?

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Should Jean Bertrand Aristide have been invited to Nelson Mandela's funeral?

Mezanmi, ou pap konnin ki lè problem nan peyi sa ap fini non. Konye-a anpil moun ap reproche Prezidan Michel Martelly paceke li pa te invite Jean Bertrand Aristide pou li ale avek li nan lantèman Nelson Mandela. Yo di ke Aristid pase anpil tan nan Afrik Di Sid epi se ta yon facon pou Matelly te fè yon jes de Inyon

Critics have been saying that Michel Martelly missed an opportunity to show union when he decided to attend the Funeral of Nelson Mandela, not inviting former President Jean Bertrand Aristide. Just like Barack Obama did in inviting George W. Buch, just like François Hollande did in inviting Nicolas Sarkozy to go with them, Michel martelly should have done the same.

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Obama famous speech at Nelson Mandela funeral - VIDEO

In front of a crowd of close to 74,000 people in South Africa, the president of the United States stole the show. He delivered this morning one of his most memorable speech yet, praising the apartheid fighter, Nelson Mandela for his contribution to the world.

Se te yon moman histork paske se premye foi ke mwen ouè combyen moun ki rinmin nom sa. Sa inspire'm pou mwen toujou kwe nan yon ide. Nelson Mandela inspire'm ke sa ki fè yon gran Nom, se pa sa ou ka posede; min plito, ki kontribisyon ke ou kapab pote pou fè mond sa mye

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President Martelly in South Africa for Nelson Mandela funeral

Accompanied by his wife Sophia, the minister of Foreign Affairs, Pierre Richard Casimir and Senator Andris Riché, President Michel Martelly is in South Africa for the funeral of Nelson Mandela.

The State funeral is scheduled for Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg, a facility with the capacity for 94,000 people. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the same week, the body of Nelson mandela will be forwarded in procession in Pretoria. On Sunday, December 15, he will be buried in his home village, Qunu.

Our president will be for the first time in the presence of many powerful individuals from all over the world. More than 50 head of states are expected to be in Johannesburg for the occasion.

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So far 53 Heads of State will be at Nelson Mandela Funeral

This is an event that will likely not repeat itself in our life time. The death on Thursday of Nelson mandela has generated "unprecedented interest" in the world.

Mon Chè gin yon bagay ki di fè pou yo pale de rou.

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Africa, Fifty three head of states have confirmed that they will go to the funeral. Here is a few names in that list:
Nicolas Sarkozy
François Hollande
Barack Obama
Dilma Rousseff
David Cameron
Ban Ki-moon
Jimmy Carter
George W. Bush
Bill Clinton,
Prince Charles
Kofi Annan,

Kote yo prale mete tout moun sa yo? Ki moun kape garanti sekirite tout moun sa yo? Ki Lotel ki pral recevwa tout moun sa yo?

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Death and funeral Rituals in Haitian Culture

A funeral in Haiti is an affair that might seem to an outsider, something out of a highly sensationalized plot. It invokes the same trappings of mainstream funerals in other countries, with the church, the body in the casket, the singing and scripture reading, but the differences soon become clear and can be quite an experience for someone who least expects it.

When someone dies in Haiti, burial is the only option. Organ donation and cremation are treated as abominations, as a body needs to be whole in order to be resurrected. And the belief in zombies, the dead-living created from evil intent or avarice, are the only reason, apart from suspected foul-play, why autopsies are sometimes practiced.

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The real cost to the family who becomes victim of crime in Haiti

According to a recent report by the University of Michigan or by just watching the level of insecurity in Haiti lately, violent crime continues to rise in Haiti.

The emotional factor in a crime is sometime unbearable. But this is usually not the only thing the family who is the victim of a crime in Haiti has to deal with.

Has anyone thought about the sudden cost that the family has to deal with, such as funeral and burial. In some cases, families helping the children cope with the crime.

According to the report from University of Michigan:

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