Abuse, bad management, Non payment of Petrocaribe fund revealed by Jocelerme Provert

In an address to the Nation on Sunday, March 13, 2016, President Jocelerme Privert described the current condition of the Petrocaribe contract with Venezuela as sick, almost dead. The contract has major problem, according to Privert.


One, We have not paid for the gas we purchased since August, 2015 (more than six months ago). As a result, the Haitian government owed several millions of dollars to Petro caribe.

Two, the Haitian government also owed the companies that received this particular fund from Petrocaribe to do several work projects in the country lots of money. At this time, most of these projects have stopped.

Jocelerme Privert also revealed that only 5 percent of the contracts between the government and the private contractors followed the law on contract. For most of the contracts, the fund have been released; however, the work was not done.

The office that was responsible to manage the funds of Petro Caribe is no longer able to manage these founds due to bad management.

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Jocelerme Provert devwale yo pa peye fon Petrocaribe yo, plis abi, move jesyon

Nan yon adrès a nasyon an nan Dimanch, 13 mas, 2016, Prezidan Jocelerme Privert dekri kondisyon aktyèl kontra Petrocaribe ak Venezyela kòm malad, prèske mouri. kontra a gen gwo pwoblèm, selon Privert.

Youn, Nou pa t 'peye pou gaz la nou achte depi mwa dawout, 2015 (plis pase sis mwa de sa). Kòm yon rezilta, gouvènman ayisyen an dwe plizyè milyon dola nan Petro Caribe.

De, gouvènman ayisyen an tou dwe konpayi yo ki te resevwa fon ki te soti nan Petrocaribe pou te fè plizyè pwojè travay nan anpil kote nan peyi an. Pi fò nan pwojè sa yo sispann.

Jocelerme Privert tou devwale ke se sèlman 5 pousan nan kontra ki genyen ant gouvènman an ak antreprenè prive yo ki te swiv lwa ki sou kontra. Pou pifò nan kontra yo, lajan an te deverse; sepandan, travay la pa te fèt.

Biwo a ki te responsab nan jere lajan Petro Caribe an pa kapab jere li akòz move administrasyon li.

Kisa ou panse?

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Bwa Sanfey says...

se pou yo sezi bagay Martelly ak colonn vole yo pou nou kapab peye moun you. Ban

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Subject: Abuse, bad management, Non payment of Petrocaribe fund revealed by Jocelerme Provert edit

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