Counteroffer 5 Million offered to Police Chief to explain complicity in Clifford Brandt release

According to, a businessman in new York is not buying the position of the Head of the Police in Haiti for a second.In another way, the businessman thinks that the plan to liberate businessman Clifford Brandt came within the police force itself.


In a note to the press following the prison break, the police announced that it would offer a prize of one million gourdes to anyone who has information leading to the capture of Clifford Brandt.

According to the article on, a businessman is making a counteroffer to Haiti Police Chief Godson Aurelus. He is offering 5 million to Godson Aurelus for information as to how and with what complicity Clifford Brandt was released from prison.Here is the

Pawol Pale, Pawol Komprann....

Mezanmi, se pa de ni twa koze ki deyor-a depi Clifford Brandt kite prizon Croix des bouquets pou li pran lari!

Nou konnin gin Ayisyen ki di sa yo vle ak bouch yo. Minm tande gin yon bizisman nan New York ki ofri Chef Police-la 5 milion gourde pou li ta di li komman magoiul pou yo te libere Clifford Brandt ki yon bon zanmi Prezidan martelli, te fet.

An tou ka, gin mou ki prale "mache" oui pou koze ke yape di ak bouch yo sou gouvenman-an. Mwin konnin kek Avoka ki kapab ede no si bouch nou mete nou nan problem: Me yon lis avoka ki kapab ede nou si bouch nou ta minnin nou nan prizon:

Mwin mezanmi, mwin pa di anyin sou gouvenman. Se tande mwin tande, et pi mwin vini di!

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Subject: Counteroffer 5 Million offered to Police Chief to explain complicity in Clifford Brandt release edit

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