Extraction Order issued to escort Jean-Bertrand Aristide to Court Tomorrow

When you think things are settled in the case of Jean Bertrand Aristide, something unexpected arises. Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide is expected o be in court tomorrow, Friday October 10, 2014, whether he wants it or not. According to HCNN, Judge Lamarre Belizaire just issued an extraction order to the Police Chief Godson Orelus to make certain that the Haitian Police bring Mr. Aristide on that date.


The Order of extraction has for objective to ensure that the police brings the former Haitian President in front of him on Friday, at 10:00 am.

Will this really happen?

Does Police Chief Godson Orelus have enough "Melon" to do that?

Will Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide be handcuffed?

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

Li sanble ke Aristide nan Ka oui!

Jij Lamarre Belizaire determine pou li mete kod nan kou ansyen Prezian-an

Eske nou panse ke Chef Polic Godson Orelus jinyin ase "Melon" pou li exzekite extraction order sa?

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Neg Miserne says...

It will not happen.

The man is above the constitution and the law of Haiti.

Do the National Police want to be abolished just like the

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Julio De Castro says...

Li sanble konpe Titid nan ka tout bon. Map gade salap pase.
Konpe Chen do gade pa twop. Me li

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Shime Leroy says...

qui vivra vera il n'est que

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Subject: Extraction Order issued to escort Jean-Bertrand Aristide to Court Tomorrow edit

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