Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA) of Gonaives wins with Heineken/Brana brewery

Former United States President and United Nations envoy to Haiti, Bill Clinton, recently led a group of representatives of the Agricultural Investment Delegation, while on a visit to Haiti, to the Smallholder Farmers Alliance's (SFA) tree nursery in Gonaïves. There, the foundation, started by and named for President Clinton, awarded a grant to the SFA cooperative of $150,000 USD with the aim of supporting the efforts of the organization to facilitate growth, manage and improve its nursery operations and give it sustainability.


The endowment follows the impetus of the bigger initiative launched by Clinton, Richard Branson and Mohammed Yunus to reforest Haiti as it further calls for an equal number of trees to be planted and maintained. The Gonaïves nursery is in a central place of focus for this project, being in the very region where the planned ten thousand hectares of land to be donated to agriculture is located.

The SFA continued to make strides after signing a contract for Gonaïves farmers which enables them to sell up to a hundred metric tons of sorghum to the Heineken/Brana brewery by the end of the year. The partnership includes a test plot for the growing of four different varieties of the crop and will also be used as a training field for farmers to be taught various techniques that will increase their yield of sorghum.

The SFA has also bought a tractor, its first, from Tractors for Haiti. The 'made-in-China' tractor, manufactured by Dong Feng, is considered favorable to small farms and was chosen for this attribute. It will be rented to cooperative members, a first for the group, for approximately $16 a hectare; a price which includes the driver/mechanic. A part of the cost will also go back to the SFA.

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Subject: Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA) of Gonaives wins with Heineken/Brana brewery edit

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