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Judge orders the arrest of Former President Rene Preval

Judge Al Duniel Dimanche who is in the process of investigating possible embezzlement of several million dollars at the National Insurance Office (ONA) has ordered the arrest of former President Rene Preval. The Former Director General of ONA, Sandro Joseph, has been accused of corruption, embezzlement, forgery and conspiracy. After a request to appear was ignored by Rene Preval, now an arrest warrant has been issued.

Other people involved in the criminal investigation include: senators Andris Riche, Senator Jacques Sauveur Jean, Senator Edwin Zeny and the Minister of Education Jean Beauvoir Dorsonne

In another way, Former President Rene Preval can be picked-up anytime and put in jail

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Jean Max Bellerive cited for receiving bribe from Dominican companies

Former Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive is probably not happy with having his name mentioned every time there is a reference to the 2010 earthquake recovery or Petrocaribe funds; however he continue to be an important character in relationship to both. This time once again his name was cited in a possible bribery case. The President of Commission of Anti-Corruption, Senator Youri Latortue, this week cited Jean Max Bellerive for possibly receiving close to seven million of American dollars in bribery or kick back by Dominican companies.

Jean Max Bellerive became Prime Minister October 30. 2009 under the government of Rene Preval and was involved in issuing multi-million dollar contracts to some Dominican companies immediaty following the 2010 Haiti earthquake. He was later replace by replaced by Garry Conille following the election of President Michel Martelly

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Venezuela and Haiti, most corrupt countries in America

Who said that lately in every report compiled, Haiti has to come last in everything? This is not the case with corruption. According to a report released by News Americas Now, Haiti is sharing the lead with Venezuela as the most corrupt countries in South America and the Caribbean, based on a Transparency International report Index. The report was based on public perception of corruption in the public as well as in the private sector.

MUSIC VIDEO: Vye fre fo w pa dekouraje si lavi ap pran kout pye by Les Freres Parent

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Government Crackdown on Embezzlement of PSUGO Funds

On Wednesday, July 15, at the National Palace, the President Michel Martelly met the Minister of National Education, Mr. Nesmy Manigat , the Minister of Justice, Mr. Pierre Richard Casimir, the Director General of the Unit for the Fight against Corruption (ULCC), Mr. Rodiny Jean-Baptiste and the Director General of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) Mr. Godson Orélus to take the stock of serious irregularities about the frauds and embezzlements noticed on the beneficiary fund of Universal Schooling Program Free and Compulsory (PSUGO).

An earlier investigation has suggested a much higher number of beneficiaries enrolled than the actual number of students. For example, a school in Gros Morne has 132 registered students as per PSUGO records while the actual number of such students was only 31. Similarly, a school in Carrefour with recorded 218 students, has only 45 students. Thus, thousands of US$ have been diverted by showing large numbers of fictitious students. The PSUGO pays a subsidy amount of US$ 90 per student. There are hundreds of schools located in the lower and upper Artibonite, who receive two different sources of funding for school children, from the Universal Schooling Program, Free and Compulsory (PSUGO) and the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP).

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Embezzlement of PSUGO funds, Haiti Education

ULCC Cracks Embezzlement Ring at PSUGO Schools. The Ministry of Education sent fraud protection group, Unity of Fight against Corruption (ULCC), to do an investigation on schools receiving money from the Universal Program Free and Compulsory (PSUGO), funded by the U.S.

They found embezzlement schemes at 100 schools, whose administrators were amassing large sums of money by inflating the number of students registered for school.

PSUGO subsidizes each registered student for $90 USD. State officials were also in on the scheme.

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Haiti did not meet 2014 minimum USAID funding requirements transparency

Haiti found itself among the the 50 countries that receives USAID funding for 2014 but did not meet the minimum requirements set by The State Department and USAID. Don't worry, just like the other countries, Haiti is considered to be at risk of political devastation and strategic consequences if the funding is stopped and as a consequence will continue to receive aid as usual.

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran!

Gouvernman Amerikin bay 50 payi lajan kom aid, min li pa kapab di tout sa payi sa yo fè ak lajan sa. Ayiti se yonn nan payi sa yo. Min pou ki sa Amerikin pa koupe aid sa yo, se paske li panse si aid sa yo koupe, ka payi sa yo ape pi tris

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Envelops of Cash handed out to Haitian Journalists by Martelly Government

Radio Kiskeya has reported that in an attempt to bribe some news reporters, the Martelly Government proceeded in the distribution of cash to journalists covering him. According to Liliane Pierre-Paul, on December 23, 2014, several journalists were invited to the National Palace where envelops filled with cash were handed to them. Some of the envelops contained 50,000 gourdes and others, 40,000 gourdes.

As he was handing out these envelops to various news reporters in the room, according to the report, President Michel Martelly told them "By Piti Pa Chic".

Lucien Jura, the Presidential Spokesperson, was in charge of this operation, according to the declaration by Liliane Pierre-Paul who thinks this was an obvious attempt to bribe these reporters. She also reported that the reporters from Radio kiskeya who accepted these envelops have been sanctioned by the Radio Station

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Martelly-Lamothe believe in Job creation, with more than 40 Ministers

Our government wants to remain true to its idea of of Job creation by increasing the number of Ministers and Secretaries in its Government. As a result of the new cabinet Reshuffle in Haiti, we now have more than 40, fully employed individuals; that is between Ministers and Secretaries of States.

Who said the the Government of Martelly-Lamothe doesn't believe in Job creation?

The business of Government or "Dirigen" in Haiti, leading the way to full employment in Haiti.

The government is likely to run into some problems with these new positions just created in the government. Where will the money come from to pay for this new positions? As a remark, the Executive increased the number of these ministers without the consultation of the Haitian Parliament.

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Transparency International found corruption in Haiti to decrease

So many moons have passed in the Caribbean nation of Haiti where it was governed by the hands and hearts of corrupt leaders, that a break from the norm sometimes seemed an unattainable dream. Recently, however, a small beam of light has been shed in this dark corner, elucidated by a ranking of the country's corruption rate by Transparency International.

Just since last year, Haiti's prospects have looked up with their ranking in the corruption index published by the organization being two places less than what it was in 2012. Out of 177 ranked countries, Haiti now holds 163rd place, a jump which looks even more propitious when one considers that Haiti has moved up 10 whole places in the last two years from their 2011 spot at 175th. The new position means that Haiti has, at last, ascended from the list of the five most corruption nations.

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World Bank Di Bagay yo pa Kle ak Lajan Luil Venezuela-sa!

Mezanmi, opozisyon an gin jett nan min yo. The special envoy to Haiti for the World Bank said he is concerned on how the Haitian government is using the money generated by Venezuelan petroleum. According to him, that is a lack of transparency.

Blan-an di: "Nou pa ka kite sourit Ap veye format"

Sanble ke World Bank pete yon abse!

Mary Barton-Dock who is the director of the World Bank's office in Haiti, said that lack of transparency was the biggest obstacle to Haiti's economic development.

Ginyin yon proveb ki di, lafimin pa jam soty san dife

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