Martelly-Lamothe believe in Job creation, with more than 40 Ministers

Our government wants to remain true to its idea of of Job creation by increasing the number of Ministers and Secretaries in its Government. As a result of the new cabinet Reshuffle in Haiti, we now have more than 40, fully employed individuals; that is between Ministers and Secretaries of States.


Who said the the Government of Martelly-Lamothe doesn't believe in Job creation?

The business of Government or "Dirigen" in Haiti, leading the way to full employment in Haiti.

The government is likely to run into some problems with these new positions just created in the government. Where will the money come from to pay for this new positions? As a remark, the Executive increased the number of these ministers without the consultation of the Haitian Parliament.

Did you know that Haitian Ministers and Presidents are entitled to pension in Haiti. That is the case even if they only spend 1 Day in office.

I have great doubt that this Cabinet Reshuffle will make a difference in improving the quality of life for Haitian people. It will likely create more Government officials who will likely not be accountable for anything taking place in Haiti and instead believe that they should be served by the population. What I know for sure is the creation of greater opportunities for government waste and corruption withe these.

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