Deputy Gracia Delva Dragged Into Haiti Kidnapping Case by Senator Moise Jean Charles

Another official has been linked to a kidnapping case in Haiti, where two children of the chief of a major bank in the country were abducted. Senator Jean-Charles Mose confirmed that Deputy Gracia Delva was involved in the case. Mose claimed that investigations showed that Delva himself was the one who tried to help suspects Jean Ricot Pierre Val, Altidol Tius, and Carlos Badel Saint-Fort flee the country. Reports said Delva let the suspects use his car to cross the border to get to Santiago a northern town in the Dominican Republic.


According to the reports, the police in the Dominican Republic are holding Delva but Mose could not confirm whether he was already released or is still in detention. Delva, however, called from the Dominican Republic to clear his name and to say that he was not arrested. He defended himself by saying that he was on a family vacation when the reported incident happened. The vacation, he stressed, was already planned long before.

This explanation did not sit well with critics, who said that Delva should not be planning any vacation because there is an ongoing parliament session and he has obligations. They also claimed that the deputy went to the Dominican police station to call for the release of his Toyota SUV and the three suspects.

This kidnapping case, in which Coralie and Nicolas Moscoso were victims, has become a major issue in Haiti in the past weeks, especially with the involvement of public figures such as businessman Clifford Brandt.

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