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USAID funded political movement backing Martelly in 2010

It seems like the U.S. Agency for International Development was not just an observer in the 2010 Haiti election but rather a major player. According to Al Jazeera, the agency gave close to $100,000 to a Haitian political movement Tét Kale (MTK) which has close ties to President Michel Martelly during the 2010 elections.

Al Jazeera reported that documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act reveal that the U.S. government provided close to $100,000 as support to MTK, through USAID. US law allows USAID to provide support to political groups without discrimination. This funding can not be used to influence election outcomes.

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Did Pierre-Louis Opont commit treason to the Nation of Haiti

In 2015, Mr. Pierre-Louis Opont who was at the time the President of the CEP in Haiti and who also was responsible to conduct election in 2000 admitted that the result of the election he publishes in 2000 was contrary to the actual results and that he was obligated to publish the results fabricated to avoid popular uprising.

Taking a closer look at the whole incident, one might conclude that Mr. Opond has actually conspired with the international community to arm the sovereignty of Haiti. He allowed Michel Martelly to be qualified for the run off election in lieu of Jude Célestin of the political party INITE who earned square and fair that right. Ironically, Pierre-Louis Opont was rewarded by Michel Martelly as he was chosen to run the next election in 2015.

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Video Report - Michel Martelly in Cap-Haitian walked from Airport to Place Dame

Here is a video report of Haitian president Michel Martelly during a visit to the city of Cap-Haitian on July 24, 2011. The president actually walked from Cap-Haitian airport all the way to the Place Notre Dame of Cap-Haitian. This video takes you to the entire journey. the president, sometimes dances, sometimes run as the population was singing and dancing. All the people were apparently very happy to see their president being just like them.

As he arrived at the Place Notre Dame of Cap-Haitian, President Michel Martelly visited several location, including "Archeveche du Cap".

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List of CEP Members not allowed to leave the country

The "Haitian Joudalist" finally has the list.

What list are you talking about?

"Quesque ca cette affaire?"

We are talking about the list of the CEP member not allowed to travel until an investigation is completed.

The President of the Haitian Senat, Mr. Rodolphe Joazile, filed a complaint with the Procecutor office in Port-au-Prince, requesting that the following Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) Members be prohibited from leaving the country.

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Official Results of Haiti Election delayed - Another delay

Our Haitian authorities suffer from a lack planning capability. This time, the official results of the run-off election that was scheduled to be announced this Saturday, will instead be announced on Monday.

What else is new in Haiti...

President-elect Michel Martelly is scheduled to go into office as the new president of Haiti on May 14. He is currently forming his government so that his team can start working on day one.

Is this going to be delayed as well.....

Martelly has a big task ahead of him and will soon face a challenging environment that includes a Senate and Chamber of Deputies controlled by RenePreval's INITE party.

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It is Official - Michel Martelly the Next President of Haiti

The CEP just gave the awaited preliminary results of the run-off election in Haiti. As it was announced earlier today, candidate Michel martelly is the winner. The new president of the Republic of Haiti will be Michel Martelly.

Percentage of votes:

Michel Martelly: 67.57% of the votes

Mirlande Manigat: 31.74% of the votes

The CEP started publicizing the results at 7:30pm, on April 4, 2011 and by :00, Candidate Michel Martelly was declared winner for the presidency of Haiti.

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The entire debate between Martelly and Manigat - Live in Video

With just 10 days left before the big day, March 20, or the 2011 Final Haiti election, Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly confronted each other in a live debate.

As always, you can expect for the "Haitian Joudalist" to find the event and bring it live to you. Our job is to bring you the information, you make your own conclusion.

We were able to find the debate between Manigat and Martelly live in video and want to bring it to you so that you can be educated on each candidate.

The fight between the Musician Sweet Micky and the professor Mirlande Manigat is here. It is distributed in ten separate video.

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Michel Martelly is getting closer and closer to become the next President of Haiti

Just 10 days before the Presidential run-off election in Haiti, Michel Martelly is leading in the poll. A poll conducted by a private Haitian research group found that Michel Martelly is ahead of Mirlande Manigat by more than 4 points. According to the pollster, a survey conducted between March 3 and March 6 to 6000 Haitians found that 50.8 percent supports Michel Martelly, compared to 46.2 percent who said that they will vote for Mirlande Manigat.

Another important point to notice is that Haitian men tend to stay with Martelly and Haitian women favor Manigat.

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Date for Haiti Runoff election scheduled for March 20, 2011

Haiti Electoral Council has scheduled Haiti election Runoff for March 20, 2011. The campaign for the 2nd tour will start officially on February 17 and will end March 20. Final results announcing the new president of Haiti will be done on March 31.

Who said The Haitian leaders could not work together and solve their own problems. Look at this:

- For the good of the country, Jude Celestin, in agreement with the decision of The Organization of American States, will not participate in the election. Remember that Jude Celestin came in second in the preliminary results.

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Please Jude Celestin say something to the Provisional Electoral Council.

The "Haitian Joudalist" learned that Jude Celestin is playing either hard ball or hard to get with Rene Preval, his party Unity and the International community. Celestin just would not confirm that he is in fact withdrawing from the electoral race in Haiti.

Be reasonable man!

So far, everyone but Jude Celestin, has declared that he is out of the race.

More importantly, no one can find him to make a statement.

Is this the case in Haitian Creole "De pye Ti Rene pran nan youn grin soilier"

Will Jude Celestin eventually make it official and say the magic words:" I withdraw my candidacy for the Presidency of Haiti"

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