Publication of Election results is today, what to expect?

After the elimination of 14 candidates running in the first round of parliamentary elections of August 9, we can now expect that these results will cause less violence, disorder and street demonstrations. Does that mean that the CEP is home free?


Not at all.

Now instead of expecting one group of of candidates not to be satisfied with the result, there are some who are in deeper trouble and likely will continue to be in trouble for a long time to come. The candidates who have been identified as trouble makers and consequently kicked out of the election process will have a high hill to clime. Not only they have been removed from the current election, they will likely not be allowed to participate in future competitions as well. Even more painful, they will likely be faced with possible prison term and fine.

How is that for being a bandit?

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Subject: Publication of Election results is today, what to expect? edit

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