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Police under strict order to prevent a Major protest from reaching Petion-Ville.

Several thousands of people were once again in the streets to demand the annulment of the last election in Haiti. One thing that is different this time they are now in favor of a transitional government to replace the current Martelly-Paul Government. So far, no incident of violence has been reported; however it is not certain this will remain. The crowd is as we speak is heading straight to confrontation with Police. The protesters are heading to the CEP local in Petion-Ville. We learned that that Police received orders not to let the protest reach the CEP local in Petion-Ville.

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Is BOID Bridade a repressive Police force or crime fighter in Haiti

The publicity received recently by the newly created brigade in the Haiti National Police force has not been very helpful. For the past several weeks, the Brigade D'Operation et D'Intervension Departmentale(BOID)has been observed, recorded and video taped committing several acts of abuse on the Haitian population. So far, not too many people have agreed or supported these kind of behaviors from our Police.

It reminds us too much of the old dictatorships in our history. It has been rumored that the agents selected to be part of the new BOID brigade are people with criminal history. Some suggested that many who have incorporated the unit are criminals who have been deported from the United states and other countries.

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Haiti's Election, a Test for the National Police

The day before the Sunday's critical vote on August 9th, the election officials in Haiti were training polling station workers and hurrying delivering millions of ballots and other materials to the polling stations while some of them were located in the most remote part of the country.

Political parties were scrambling to get their agents' identification documents to witness and monitor the proceedings inside the polling stations, because the Provisional Electoral Council could not grant them on time. Although the Haitian police chief, Orélus Godson, with a sense of serenity had ensured before the election that the security forces would be implemented, security plans are in place, many people were scared on the election day, wondering if they go to vote, they might get shot at during the first round of parliamentary elections on Sunday, August 9. In Haiti, elections have long been synonymous with violence; it is the security on election day that is of concern.

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First Promotion of the Educational Community Police (EDUPOL) of PNH

First Promotion of EDUPOL to tackle School Crime and Violence

A new form of community policing is beginning in Haiti with the First Promotion of the Educational Community Police (EDUPOL) under the stewardship of the National Police of Haiti. The graduation ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Evans Paul; UN Special Representative to Haiti, Sandra Honore; National Education Minister, Nesmy Manigat; and Pierre Richard Casimir, Minister of Justice. Of the graduating class of 57, 12 are female.

Before EDUPOL graduates are deployed to educational institutions, they will be given 108 hours of extra training. Once on assignment their tasks will be to apprehend truant students; monitor school zones; conduct conflict mediation; and provide information to students regarding rape, alcohol, and drug abuse.

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Minustah and Haitian Police now provide security to Dominican trucks now

The business of providing goods to Haiti must not stop for any reason. The Observer just learned that members of the United Nations Mission for Stability in Haiti (Minustah) and the Haitian police are now escorting some some of the Dominican trucks entering Haiti to deliver merchandises to insure their security.

Mr. Blas Peralta who is the president of the National Federation of Dominican Transportation reported that a guarded route has been established where the Dominican trucks will enter Haiti from Jimani to the town of Kwadebouke and Haiti International Airport

The power of the economy:
This is interesting to observe. No major decisions have been made by any of the two government until there are some economic consequences. As you can see once the problem starts affecting some deep pockets, a solution to the crises is found, not when a poor Haitian was hanged.

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MINUSTAH & Haitian Police To Guard, Dominican Trucks, Entering Haiti

As per news report dated March 9th, 2015, Pierre Duly Brutus, the Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs has informed his Dominican counterpart, Andrés Navarro about the new measures to ensure safety and security of the ambassador, consuls and other staff working on diplomatic missions in the Embassy and the five Dominican consulates in Haiti. We may remember that in the last week the Dominican government had announced a notice of temporary closure of its consular offices in Port-au-Prince, Ouanaminthe, Cap-Haïtien Anse-à-Pitre and Belladère. The Chancellor Navarro has welcomed this safety move taken by the Martelly administration and stated that the five consulates that were closed temporarily will be reopened soon. Navarro has also stated that he would meet his Haitian counterpart Duly Brutus, during the Summit of Heads of State of the Central American Integration System (SICA) on March 10 in Antigua. The Dominican authority is ready to maintain open and respectful dialogue with neighboring Haitian authorities. His Haitian counterpart Duly Brutus has also reiterated that we will use all diplomatic channels to reduce tensions between the two peoples.

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Haiti National Police (PNH) with modern and brand new armory

As a step toward securing Haiti's borders and managing large scale domestic clashes--including attacks on the National Place--the Haiti National Police (PNH) now has access to three new armories.

The three arsenals have been made possible by the tripartite partnership of United Mines Action Service (UNMAS); United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MUNUSTAH); and the PNH, with the support of the government of Haiti (GOH). The launching ceremony took place at the Haitian Police Academy.

Funded to the tune of $900,000 and administered by UNMAS, the armories are constructed of reinforced concrete, accomplished by the erection of iron columns (rebar) that become the support the cement is built around. It offers an impenetrable barrier that makes impossible theft and weapons loss. The project took four months to complete.

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Judge Lamarre Belizaire with 5 Orders on Jean Bertrand Aristide not Executed

Can someone talk to Judge Lamarre Belizaire for me please? He needs to know that nobody is paying attention to his orders on Jean Bertrand Aristide. Not the Haiti Police Chief, not the Police, not the demonstrators in front of Aristide's home in Tabarre, not members of Lavalas Political Party who come and go in his home, not Jean Bertrand Aristide himself.

Let's make some senses out of this. Our beloved Judge Lamarre Belizaire issued so far a total of 5 Court Orders on the Former Haitian President and the all went straight to the garbage.

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Extraction Order issued to escort Jean-Bertrand Aristide to Court Tomorrow

When you think things are settled in the case of Jean Bertrand Aristide, something unexpected arises. Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide is expected o be in court tomorrow, Friday October 10, 2014, whether he wants it or not. According to HCNN, Judge Lamarre Belizaire just issued an extraction order to the Police Chief Godson Orelus to make certain that the Haitian Police bring Mr. Aristide on that date.

The Order of extraction has for objective to ensure that the police brings the former Haitian President in front of him on Friday, at 10:00 am.

Will this really happen?

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Counteroffer 5 Million offered to Police Chief to explain complicity in Clifford Brandt release

According to, a businessman in new York is not buying the position of the Head of the Police in Haiti for a second.In another way, the businessman thinks that the plan to liberate businessman Clifford Brandt came within the police force itself.

In a note to the press following the prison break, the police announced that it would offer a prize of one million gourdes to anyone who has information leading to the capture of Clifford Brandt.

According to the article on, a businessman is making a counteroffer to Haiti Police Chief Godson Aurelus. He is offering 5 million to Godson Aurelus for information as to how and with what complicity Clifford Brandt was released from prison.Here is the article:

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