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Police Arrest Suspects in Evinx Daniel Case

Port-au-Prince police in search for hotelier, Evinx Daniel, have not yet apprehended him. But they have arrested several people in connection with the case. A police spokesperson made the announcement on Thursday, January, 23, 2014.

Daniel, a very successful businessman, not only is the owner of Dan's Creek Hotel, bordering the oceanfront in Port-Salut, a western town; he is also in the export business, operating out of Port-Salut also. Daniel's hotel empire has attracted many tourists from abroad, helping Haiti's tourist industry stay afloat.

Daniel was last sighted on January 5, 2014, according to police reports. They discovered his car parked at a gas station just outside Gonaives, a port city in Ouest Department. It was driven to a Port-au-Prince courthouse and is being thoroughly inspected for clues.

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Haiti National Police, 1058 new officers, including 111 women

The National Police of Haiti (NPH) are fulfilling the mandate of the government of Haiti's Development Plan of 2012-2016 NPH. It has graduated the first class of police cadets, a total of 1,058, 111 of them female.

The new graduates went through a strenuous program, logging in 507 hours on the topics of police science and human rights under international law, as well as 538 hours of training in traffic management, self-defense techniques, first aid, and weapons use. The program ran nine months.

Since the NPH training program began in 1995, it is only the second instance that such a large graduating class has been prepared in such a brief span of time. It is also the largest number of female cadets graduated, 10% of total enrollment. Godson Orélus, NPH Director General, wants that the numbers of female cadets be increased significantly in each succeeding class.

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Community Policing begins in Delmas Neighborhood

The Haitian National Police (HNP) was established in 1995, and since then has developed a reputation for brutality and class bias. Delmas, a Port-au-Prince neighborhood, is an example of police brutality residents complain about. One of the places where tent cities still house 2010 earthquake survivors, local police earlier this year clubbed two men, causing the death of one, in an encampment.

In response to the growing problem of police mistrust by Haitians, the U.S. State Department has initiated a community policing program. The goal is to engender trust between the community and police. The reason is to raise the apprehension rate and decrease crime.

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24th promotion of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) - Video

Here is the video for the official ceremony of the graduation ceremony for the 24th promotion of the National Police of Haiti (PNH). The ceremony took place at the Police Academy in Frères

A total of 1,058 new police officers were part of the 24th Promotion. The new graduates include 114 women

Present at the ceremony was: President Michel Martelly, the Minister of Justice and Public Safety, Me Jean Renel Sanon, the President of the Senate, Simon Dieuseul Desras, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Me Jean Tholbert Alexis, the Director General of the National Police of Haiti, Godson Orélus and the Divisional Commissioner Francène Moreau.

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Former Police Chief Vanel Lacroix Nabbed in a Gun Fight

Vanel Lacroix, an ex-police chief, engaged in a gun battle with Léogâne police officers on September 12, 2013. Lacroix was with escaped convict, Jerry Leconte, and Isma, an ex-police officer. Isma has had a bench warrant for his arrest on kidnapping and drug trafficking. Jerry Leconte took advantage of 2010's earthquake to make his escape from prison.

Lacroix is being jailed on suspicion of his connection in Serge Demosthene's death. Lacroix was Chief of Police in Petion-Ville, and it was on his watch Demosthenes underwent torture at the hands of officers the night he died.

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Community Policing Unit of Haiti National Police (PNH)

After a commencement ceremony scheduled to be held at the end of June 2013, 40 new community law enforcement officers will be unleashed in Delmas, Port-au-Prince. This comes after the weeding out of 150 hopefuls after a 2012 recruitment process to find potential members of the Haitian National Police's (PNH) first Community Policing Unit.

Community policing exists on the belief that collaboration between the police, individuals and organizations within a community can lead to the eventual, if not immediate, controlling of issues of social disorder, crime and the fear of crime. In Haiti, the particular wish is to bring the population, at least for now that of Delmas, closer to the PNH and create a more trusting relationship.

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Jean Bertrand Aristide and Jean Claude Duvalier have so much in Common

Former Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide finally has his day in court; however, this is something that might become one of the biggest events of the year. After Jean Claude Duvalier who had his day in court earlier this year, now it is Aristide's turn

I don't know if you have been able to detect trend and similarities within these two highly controversial personalities in Haitian politic, in that I mean Jean Bertrand Aristide and Jean Claude Duvalier, but I do. Let's see:

1) Both Jean Claude Duvalier and Jean Bertrand Aristide have passionate fanatics

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Haitian historian Georges Corvington died at the age of 88

A great Haitian has passed away. Prominent Haitian historian Georges Corvington. According to the report, he died of heart failure at the age of 88, this Wednesday, April 3, 2013.

Historian Georges Corvington was born in 1926 in Port-au-Prince. He became President of the Society of History and Geography and was decorated Living National Treasure in January 2009

Mr. Corvington started his writing career in the 70s. His subjects include Port-au-prince, the national Palace and Haiti National Cathedral. These buildings were bot destroyed by the 2010 Haiti earthquake. One of his most successful publication was "Port-au-Prince Through the Ages" , a history of Haiti from the colonization period all the way to the government of Paul Eugene Magloire in 1956.

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Police Operation in Bel-Air, Port-au-Prince, More than 100 Arrests

Haiti National Police has conducted its biggest operation for a long time. On Sunday night, January 13, 203, with the help of MINUSTAH and other security forces like UNPOL, the Haitian National Police hit several hot spots around the neighborhood of Bel-Air and proceed in the arrest of several undesirable members of the society.

According to an official of the PNH, among the people arrested over the weekend, the list includes Kidnappers, Ex-convicted, and people who have been involved in various criminal activities in the Haitian Capital

The operation headed by Haiti National Police in the neighborhood of Bel-Air resulted in over 200 criminals actually in the hands of Haitian authorities.

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From Law Enforcement to Fashion, Mario Andresol Fashion Show of Fine Clothing Line

I do not see the relationship. The former Haitian Police chief Mario Andresol has decided to go to fashion with new clothing line called "My Collection. According to Mario Andresol, this is a collection of clothing and underwear.

The Former Police Chief has developed a reputation in the eyes of many people as one of the best dressed public figures in Haiti.

Here is the video of Mario Andresol Fashion Show of Fine Clothing Line:

Andrésol had been the head of the PNH from 2006 to 2012 with two 3 year mandate renewed in 2009. He left his position as Chief of Police when his term ended on August 18, 2012. Godson Orelius be came the new Police Chief since.

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