John Kerry reminds Haitian leaders that Patience has limits

I don't know if you feel it like I do; but I think there are some kind of uneasiness growing between the American and Haitian authorities. After the recent statements by US point man Kenneth H. Merten that did not go too well with some sectors of the Haitian Population, now it is the turn for United States of America Secretary of State John Kerry. According to Mr. Kerry, "The Haitian players, the so-called leaders, need to understand there's a clear limit to the patience, the willingness of the international community to condone this process of delay."


Let me take the complete quote for Secretary of State John Kerry: "Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and it's cowardice" by George Jackson.

What do you think?

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John Kerry Go read a

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Subject: John Kerry reminds Haitian leaders that Patience has limits edit

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