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Jeffrey Julmis to represent Haiti in 2012 Olympics in London

Jeffrey Julmis was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., though he has deep Haitian roots.

His parents - Jackson Julmis and Nicole Jean-Pierre - are native Haitians. The young man who has never lived in Haiti is proud to represent his country of origin. On his official website, Jeffrey says, "I had my choice of countries to represent between the United States and Haiti. Since I was a kid, I always said if I get to the Olympics, I want to represent Haiti. I'm proud to be Haitian."

Jeffrey Julmis has been shortlisted to represent Haiti in the upcoming Olympics that are in London, where he will be running the 110m hurdles race. He will join other Haitian athletes in France to attend a training camp and participate in several European competitions of qualification for the London Games.

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Did you see Obama Victory Speech? - Here it is

I would like to share with you the entire video of the victory speech of President Barack Obama.

In this video, Barack Obama addresses a large crowd in Chicago as he was declared winner of the 2012 Election in the US.

What do you think another 4 years of President Barack Obama will look like?

Do you think that Haiti will become more stsble as a consequence?

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Georges Laraque Number One Enforcer in the NHL

Georges Laraque, a Haitian-American and former Canadian professional ice hockey player, was born December 7, 1976 in Montréal, Quebec. He joined the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League in 1996 as a Forward. His team, the Granby Prédateurs, won the 1996 Memorial Cup.

Before joining the NHL, Laraque skated sporadically for three seasons with the Hamilton Bulldogs team, under the AHL banner. While skating for the NHL, in 2003, he won the Best Fighter award, given by The Hockey News, and was also recognized as the 2008 top enforcer by Sports Illustrated.

Georges Laraque, in 2006, was being considered as a free agent by the Edmonton Oilers. He tried to negotiate a contract, in which he would accept a cut in pay, if in exchange, the Oilers would include a no-trade clause, and sign him on as a long-term player. The Oilers refused to do so. Laraque went on to play for the Phoenix Coyotes that same year and then was traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Jason Pierre-Paul, American football player from Haiti

Despite being a successful player for the National Football League, Jason Pierre-Paul has not been silent about his roots. He is nicknamed JPP and has recorded remarkable success as defensive end in the American football. Jason Pierre-Paul began his NFL career with the New York Giants in 2010.

Jason Pierre-Paul was born in January 1, 1989. His parents are Haitian and were living in Deerfield Beach, Florida during Jason's birth. His parents had left their mother land in 1983. Though he is a successful NFL player, Jason played basketball at Deerfield Beach High School. However, after a leg injury, he switched to football in his junior year.

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Cliff Avril, professional American football player

Cliff Avril is one of the Detroit lion's national team of football players. He is born of Haitian parents who had moved into the US during one of those moments the country was experiencing some major struggles for the political power. He was however born in the US making him a US citizen.

There are some major games Cliff Avril has played so far that have managed to get him to the top of the leagues such that he is very famous across the country. He has over time been names a great player simply out of the number of tackles and sacks he has been able to achieve. He is one of the players whose future seem quite clear and bright since he is able to easily make the best in a game while it seems in its worst state. There are various games he has played so far that have made him so famous.

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Kick-boxer David Loiseau Fights for Haiti Earthquake Survivors

David Loiseau, a Haitian-American and Canadian kick-boxer, was born on December 17, 1979 in Montréal, Quebec, Canada. Loiseau started his mixed-martial arts fighting career, with an impressive record of eight wins and two losses, over tough competitors such as Joe Doerksen and Tony Fryklund.

In 2003, David Loiseau began fighting as the first French-Canadian kick-boxer, under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) banner, beating Mark Weir with a KO, but losing to Jorge Rivera. He rebounded in 2005 at the UFC with three TKOs against Gideon Ray, Charles McCarthy and Evan Tanner.

In 2006, he had a bad year, losing two successive fights against Rich Franklin and Mike Swick. Back at the UFC in 2009, he lost again against Ed Herman and was released from his contract. He fought unsuccessfully again in 2010 at the UFC, but lost to Mario Miranda on a TKO and his contract was not renewed.

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Davin Joseph, professional American football player

Though Davin Joseph was national heavyweight wrestling champion and two time 2A state champion, he is much known as an American football guard. He was born on November 22 in 1983 in Hallandale of Florida of Haitian parents.

Joseph is famous mainly for his playing career in the team Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has been playing National Football League for Tampa Bay Buccaneers since 2006. He also was an important part of college football team at Oklahoma.

Davin Joseph chose his path to become a football player when he attended Hallandale High School in Hallandale, Florida. He played at the school team both as guard and defensive line. He made a record appearance in a total of 532 games. During the final year of his school he had 100 tackles and 24 sacks which earned him an award of All State and became the Broward County Defensive Player of the Year.

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What do we Haitians get for helping to Re-elect Barack Obama?

Haiti United States

This is not scientific but I can safely say that more than eighty percent of Haitians who are eligible to vote in the US actually voted for Barack Obama this past election. People may have different reasons. Some Haitians voted for Obama because they believe that he is for poor people. Others think he is pro immigrant and wanted to thank him for the TPS he gave Haitians recently. Some Haitians also voted for Obama just because he is Black. That's OK too.

However, just like the other groups after voting for a candidate who wins an election, the Haitian community should expect something in return. We have issues within the Haitian Diaspora living in the US as well as back home in Haiti.

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Marc Calixte, Haitian-American football player

Marc Calixte was born in Montreal, Canada, on September 26, 1978. A Haitian-American, he began his professional football career nine years ago, as a seventh overall pick, in round one in the Canadian Football League (CFL) Canadian Draft in 2003.

Prior to his entry into professional sports, Marc Calixte played college football at Tennessee-Martin University. He now plays as a linebacker for the Stampeders, a position in which strength is highly valued. According to John Hufnagel, the Stampeders General Manager and Head Coach, "Marc is as effective a special-team player as you can find in the Canadian Football League . . ."

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Andre Berto, professional boxer

One of the few Haitian-American boxing champions, Andre Berto has had a variety of titles that he has won easily and with a great fight where he has always shown how mighty a fighter he can be. He was the welterweight champion in 2008 where he had beaten the then champion Miguel Rodriguez. He had then dropped the title after a unanimous decision to Victor Ortiz.

Andre then bounced back into the fights where he beat Jan Zaveck in the IBF welterweight champion. He kept the title for a while then dropped it and went towards other goals in his life. He has had a great professional career as a boxer where he has seen various winnings which are more than the losses he has had by almost a quarter.

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