Haitian-Canadian Alix Renaud receives the Prize Personality literary

Haitian-born literary artist Alix Renaud has received the Prize Personality Literary award for his contribution to the field. The Canadian Institute of Quebec awarded the prize to Renaud as part of its Award of Excellence for Arts and Culture in a bid to recognize his exemplary work in the fields of writing, poetry, linguistic and journalism. For more than 40 years, Renaud has been active in the world of literature and this did not go unnoticed.


During his career in Canada, Renaud, who is also the 2007 Prix Charles Biddle winner, has worked in almost every aspect of literature. From writing to linguistics, Renaud contributed greatly to the advancement of literature. The institute, upon giving out the award, praised Renaud's dynamic presence and the significant role he played in Quebec's literary world.

Renaud was born in Port-au-Prince and studied at the College Georges Marc. Two years before he migrated to Quebec in 1968, Renaud made it to the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art. He took a master's degree in letters, language and terminology at the Laval University in Quebec before he went on to work as a respected journalist, writer, mediator, and speaker.

The Prize Personality Award, meanwhile, is given to remarkable individuals who have made a mark in Quebec for the past ten years of their careers. Winners are often involved and active in mediation, teaching, publishing, literary creations, research, writing, production and others. It aims to help the awarded artist promote his/her work and initiatives in order to promote creativity and idea generation in the community.

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