Haitian-Canadian Jean Pascal won at the end of the 12th round

Haitian-born professional boxer for Canada, Jean-Thenistor Pascal, walked away from the biggest fight billed between two Canadian boxers as the clear winner. His opponent, 33-year-old Lucian Bute conceded to the victory and stated that Pascal had simply been, "...the better fighter."


Having slightly similar histories, the two being imports to Canada with Bute Romanian-born, both ascended to the top of their shared sport without having to face-off. The match between the former IBF super-middleweight champion, Bute, and the former light heavyweight champion, Pascal was therefore, highly anticipated, with Pascal himself describing it as seven years' worth of anticipation.

But the high expectations for a good fight were brought low when Pascal led and held the fore almost throughout the match. The audience at Bell Centre, all 20,479 of them, had no doubt expected a fight more evenly fought, however, not just a few of them were disappointed by the almost landslide victory of Pascal as he dominated every round except the 12th and beat Bute with the scores of 117-110, 117-111, and 116-112.

From the fight, billed at $2 million for both men, Pascal stripped Bute of his North American Boxing Federation title, and his WBC Diamond belt. Bute left the dud of a fight with a bruised left eye and a cut on his nose, but he stayed on his feet throughout the match, despite the pummeling doled out by Pascal. The new defeat seems to strengthen the supposition that Bute's record as a commanding fighter had been built during fights with B-level opponents, not A-grade fighters.

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Subject: Haitian-Canadian Jean Pascal won at the end of the 12th round edit

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